BILLIONAIRE BOSS (Billionaire Boss #1)

BILLIONAIRE BOSS                          LUCY FIELDS

Billionaire Boss Book 1 + Free Romance eBooks

When Andrea graduated college without any prospect of a job to start the career she dreamed of, she was worried about paying her bills despite her overprotective brothers offering to help. Mike in the meantime really needs an assistant, and when he sees Andrea at her graduation followed by her resume ending up on his desk for an internship position, he feels that it is meant to be.

Mike is a self-made billionaire and CEO of a large corporation, with the means to truly take care of Andrea. When she gets offered an interview and gets the job almost on the spot, will she accept his generosity or will she turn it down? Can she ignore the fact that her new boss is making it hard for her to focus by being a beautiful man, or will she remain loyal to her boyfriend?

 Andrea is the youngest sister to three older brothers, John the eldest who works for Mike crunching numbers.  She has her middle brother, Adam and youngest Nick still two years older than she is.
     She is graduating the day after today but her roommate is having a party at her parents.  Her boyfriend, Chris is going with her, but he has never really tried to make friends with her friends.  So, he cuts out early.  Her brothers don’t like Chris, they feel he’s holding her back.
     She graduates and then it’s the party her brother’s throw for her, Wow!  Sunday morning hangover but her brothers are all there to greet her at the breakfast table.  When she gets the call saying Mike the next morning at nine wants to meet with her for an interview.
     Next thing she knows all three of the brothers are whisking her off to a dress shop like she a grown-ass Barbie to dress up.  All for her big interview.  John took her to the store she had to go to all employees of Mike’s go there.  You see Mike is anal about everything even the dress code.  But Andrea got the job on her own.
     See how the interview goes that I enjoyed the family dynamics and the interaction with her and Mike.  The lure of her and Mike and what came can be.  Yet, don’t find much out.

     I give this: 4 stars really 3 1/1 stars.  Due to it being a cliffhanger or leaving us dangling.  But it was good until then.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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