Bond vs. Bond: Revised and Updated: The Many Faces of 007

BOND VS BOND                                       PAUL SIMPSON

In Bond vs. Bond, author Paul Simpson delves into all the various ways Ian Fleming’s iconic British Secret Service agent—code name 007—has been interpreted through the years, from the books and movies to the guns and gadgets.

Discover the femme fatales who only appear in the movies but not the books; why Ian Fleming himself once described the Bond character as “ruthless and self-indulgent”; and much more. Loaded with interesting facts about the extraordinary history and continuing popularity of Bond, this is definitely a book that no fan should be without.


All things Bond is what this book is about, from the actors who played the character in the different movies to all of the Bond girls that they are called, to the music. You are then taken through the different books and how the characters are different in most and how some are different than the movies.
You are also given a look into Ian Fleming the creator of the Bond character. You do get a look into all of the characters including villains and even the gadgets and the Bond cars get notice also. I found this book to be a good book and full of information. I received this book from Follow us at

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