Die Next

DIE NEXT                                                  JONATHAN STONE

In a crowded coffee shop, Zack Yellin swaps identical-looking cell phones with the businessman next to him. It's an honest mistake-and a deadly one. Because the "businessman" is actually a professional-and highly volatile-hit man named Joey Richter, and his phone is filled with bombshell evidence.
If Zack takes Joey's phone to the police, will they believe his swapped cell phone story? Would they even be able to protect him? Because the hit man now has Zack's phone with the phone numbers and addresses of Zack's new girlfriend Emily, his best friend Steve, and all the texts and information from Zack's life.

Whether Zack keeps the phone or ditches it, Joey will kill him for what he now knows. In cat-and-mouse twists, turns, and continually mounting terror, one thing is clear: Zack is next on the hit man's list.


Die Next for me was a fast-paced book that starts with two people at a coffee shop were one man picks up the wrong cell phone. Both phones look alike and when Zack who was still at the coffee shop realizes that he has the wrong phone he contacts his phone to get ahold of the person who has it. By also seeing the way the man entered his passcode which was a very simple code. He has also entered into other information from the phone belonging to a killer.
Missing the time when he was to meet with the man Zack is packed because he does not remember phone numbers or email addresses, these are all storied in his phone so he does not need his memory for those things anymore. He decides to go to the police station. Once there he realizes he will be looked at as another crazy New Yorker who would believe his story, he would not believe it but he is living it.
This is what made this book for me the beginning half, the turmoil that Zack was going through. You are also in the mind of the killer going through his past and what will happen to him by not completing the job, feeling like a failure. I also liked the part of Zack not knowing anyone's phone numbers which a lot of people have forgotten. I guess since I grew up with those old fashion rotary dial phones, I still remember numbers, crazy I know but this book brings to life the new age. Yes, there are times it drags somewhat but overall, this is a fast book with very intriguing characters from Zack’s girlfriend, his friend Steve to even later in the story the killer’s parent’s which was another added plus to the story. Overall a good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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