Flying Gold (American Heavy Metal #2)

FLYING GOLD                                          VANESSA NORTH

American Heavy Metal is Tiffani Ellis’s sanctuary, or at least it was before her dad died. Being in charge means her own dreams are firmly on the back burner. Now she spends as much time fixing problems as she does the cars she loves. She’s already struggling to find her feet; the last thing she needs is the man who broke her heart showing up at her shop with a car he doesn’t deserve to touch, much less own.

Matt Adams left town, moved to the west coast, and became a big shot. But his passion for cars never waned, and neither did his regret over how things ended with Tiffani. Now he’s back, his dream car in tow. He’s gearing up for a big race, he needs help and he knows exactly where to find it.

Tiffani won’t turn down a paying job, but working with Matt stirs up feelings best left buried. What was left behind them is irresistible, but it doesn’t take long to realize that a few hot nights will never be enough. Sex is easy, but forgiveness is not…


Here you have the second book in the Heavy Metal series. Now this story still has the family and you do find out what happens from the end of the last book. It opens though with a man in Georgia buying a Chevelle. On his way to where he will be filming a show for Netflix, it stalls and ends up towing it to Heavy Metal. The man just happens to be the boy or man who broke Tiffani’s heart ten years ago in high school, Matt Adams who is now an award-winning filmmaker.
Tiffani does not want to deal with the car once she sees the name but really is forced to because Duke is still in the hospital and she is the only one who can run a diagnostic on it. After getting another ticket she still does not find anything wrong with it when she is forced to deal with Matt herself. It is when they are together on a drive when the car stalls that he still wants to talk about the past and she does not.
She is not only dealing with her emotions from ten years ago but also in wanting to sell the family home which she has been living in since their father has died. She also was the one who took care of him as well. Her you really get a look into the workings of the family but also her feelings with loss, grief, anger everything one experiences when losing someone. Then having to deal with Matt on top of everything adds to her stress. The author does a good job of handling everything and this is really a very good story and she even brings in racing which I thought was a good touch. A wonderful book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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