How do you politely refuse when the only guy to star in any of your dirty fantasies have just offered to put you up for the foreseeable future and your brother’s just accepted like you were in fact still thirteen and couldn’t make decisions for yourself? You don’t. And, you end up with a roommate who wears a very good elegant mask over the rough and tumble, bad boy core I remember far too well.

Only, it’s ten years later and I’m even nerdier than I used to be. It’s ten years later and I couldn’t look worse. It’s ten years later and I can’t keep one guy. It’s ten years later and my brother still teases me mercilessly in front of him. It’s ten years later and Kit somehow looks even better than the guy I spent my formative years crushing on.

So, there’s not only the issue that he’s my older brother’s best friend, but also a sex-god this virgin can barely talk to. But that certainly never stopped me from drooling over him and it wouldn’t stop me now. He’s so far out of my league, I wouldn’t even clean in his league.

Except, there might just be a smoldering heat in Kit’s eyes that suggests he’s not quite as out of my league as I thought. Just maybe, this geek is about to get a whole lot of chaos.


When I find out about my best mate’s little sister’s situation, the offer is out of my mouth before I can stop it; Hawk’s like a brother to me even if Amber’s never looked twice at me. I could never tell if she was scared of me or hated me. But the deal is done. She’s going to bring her bedraggled self upstairs to my penthouse and live with me for as long as she needs.

I see the pain she hides away, I see the lack of confidence despite how smart she is, how good. If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that confidence makes all the difference. So, it becomes my mission to help Amber finds her confidence. But I find more than confidence in her and suddenly I’m seeing my best mate’s little sister completely differently.

I’ve never known what to say to her. She’s always been good and studious and sweet. She’s always been so far out of my league I wouldn’t even carry bags in that league. Her face is a mask that tells me nothing in between the sparse words that come out of her mouth.

Except, there might be something in the way she smiles at me that gives me hope I’m not as far out of her league as I thought. It might just be time that this chaos gets a little geek.

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“She is safe with me!” I winced as Hawk’s fist whistled passed my cheek.
“You know,” I heard Tank say. “I think we really need to develop healthier coping techniques. Better dispute resolution and all that.”
“I dunno,” said Rollie. “This has always worked for us.”
I ducked another of Hawk’s swings.
“An official dispute resolution policy would take forever to sort any shit out,” Nico added.
“Let me hit you!” Hawk snapped at me.
I shook my head. “Not yet.”

“No!” Hawk said hotly. “No. There is no world where I’m letting my shit of a best friend date my little sister!”
“So, what does that say about you then?” I countered.
He pointed at me. “Don’t make this about how I’m going to die alone because I’m equally undeserving of love. This is about you being unable to keep it in your fucking pants. It’s Amber, Kit!”

Everyone in the room winced audibly. And not just because of how highly Hawk thought of himself.


I was used to being the smartest person in a room, the nerd queen my boss looked to when things went wrong. And boy, did they go wrong. Super wrong. Enter Nico Daniels. Ex-military. Tall, built, smoking hot. He wears suits like they were poured onto his body. He has a mouth that would make Satan blush. And I thought my Nan was bossy? Nico makes her look tame.

Girls like me want a guy as nerdy as them. Girls like me need a nerd on the streets and a beast in the sheets, but guys like that are practically impossible to find. They’re rarer than the mythical unicorn, the legendary eight hours of sleep a night, or the fabled second orgasm. But a highly frustrated girl’s only got so much restraint. So, maybe one night won’t hurt? Or two.

Nico and I are all sorts of wrong for each other. Sure, the guy makes me scream his name in absolute ecstasy. But the rest of the time I want to smash my keyboard over his cocky head. And that’s really not conducive to a healthy relationship.

If only the man who was a beast in the sheets was a nerd on the streets. If only we had something in common. I need a little nerd in my man and Nico Daniels is anything but, nerd. Isn’t he?


I hated roleplay. I was bad at it. So, what’s my new job? Play the jarhead security guard to some pixie who’s got herself into a world of trouble with some shady online shit. The big boss likes his security to look the part. My boss likes to keep him happy. So, it’s Converse and nerdy t-shirts off, and tailored suits on and contacts in. Because the tech guy isn’t quite so scary.

Raegan Lane wasn’t just in a world of trouble, she was in danger of troubling my strict, orderly world. The guy who’s lived behind computers hasn’t needed game, in a long time, but this little nerd makes me want more than just a couple of games nights. She makes me want everything. But I’ve hidden from the world for so long, I’ve forgotten how to human.

Every time I think I’ve worked out how to open up to her, all my walls slam back into place. My nerd side has never been what’s got ladies into bed – I’ve picked up a thing or two from my teammates. But that’s the side this nerd queen would love if only I’d let her know it.

She’s the code that could crack all my firewalls, but I’m not sure I know how to be the real me and be a guy someone could love. To keep her, I’m gonna need to let my nerd light shine bright.

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