I’ve had my taste of ritz and glamour, and it did nothing but bite me in the ass. Now I’m living as best I can and taking care of my son. I’d go to hell and back to protect him. So when richer-than-God Graham Porter walked into my life, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let him seduce me. I had too much on the line, and I knew just how it would end.

But God…his kisses are addicting, and his fingers know just where to touch me. Maybe I could indulge just once or twice. I just need to remember that at the end of the day, he was my boss, and he’d never fall in love with someone like me.

I’ve been burned by love before, and I know better than to get involved with my sexy-as-hell personal assistant. She’s got a kid, and I know she’s looking for that happily ever after. What women isn’t? But I can’t resist that perfect body and that sensuous mouth.

But there’s something that Julie is keeping from me. A secret that could make even my empire fall.

Warning: “Keeping Secrets from the Billionaire” contains adult language and situations. It is intended for mature readers. There is no cheating and a HEA is guaranteed.
This was a delightfully funny story of an alpha male employer, Graham who is gamed by his employee (PA) Darleen. She has been piecing out her security-sensitive work from him. To a down & out mom for a couple of bucks below minimum wage.

Well, when Darlene calls in sick it all goes crazy because his schedule is not set up which means he needs to go into her glittery computer. When he does an email comes through from an outside source with the schedule. As well as other errands she ran (she meaning Julie the girl Darlene hired.)

When Graham & his cousin (Miles) form a plan. They decided to have him use Darlene’s email to get Julie to go this his mansion. When she shows up things get dicey. Before she knows it, she’s been hired to do Darlene’s job. What no one knows is that Julie carries her own secrets. She is with her son, staying a few steps ahead of his father. Who never wanted, Tyler.

But can she trust Graham enough to share the truth or will someone reveal it first? I enjoyed how this story unfolded & the transformations of the characters are so worth the read. The characters are so out there it makes it funny but not slapstick but real. Fast read. I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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