ROYAL DUTIES Book One: A Steamy, Curvy, Royal Billionaire Romance

ROYAL DUTIES                                   NIKKI STEELE

Fall in love with Kate, her puppy Baxter, and their encounters with the handsome, mysterious Xander.

Kate's hooked, but there's just one little problem. Xander is from Europe, and he'll be returning there soon. Oh, yes. And he's a prince-did he forget to mention that?

Royal Duties contains smoking hot action between a nurse and a sexy, exotic Prince Charming. It includes scenes suitable for 18+ readers only.

It is ideal for readers looking for a modern fairytale romance with the naughty bits left in, described in glorious detail!


This is for the 53-page teaser.
It left me feeling somewhat hopeful for Katie but not too sure. Xander has all the markings of the hero yet too many secrets for skeptical personality. He disappeared from the vets without letting even the receptionist know so Katie would think it odd.

He won’t give any information above who he really is when apparently, it’s public in certain circles. He supposedly went there to ask Katie to dinner but allowed the vet to come on to him and doesn’t correct her. When Katie mentions she would like to visit one day he basically is telling her she would not be welcomed in his circles. 

Yet, he won’t respect her wishes for one night only. Another question did or didn’t they use protection the several plus time they went to town that night? So, is he a Prince Charming or is his crown a little less shiny than it seems? So, I give this: 3 1/2 stars Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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