Lace and Lies (Brooklyn Brothers #1)

LACE AND LIES                                       MELANIE MUNTON

We are the Rossetti’s.
The exiled “sixth family” of the New York mafia. We’re the good guys.
People don’t fear us…much. They respect us.
The five of us? We’re the Brooklyn Brothers.
And we protect what’s ours.

Jasmine Kingston should run from me. I mean, she should literally pick up her dress, toss away her heels, and haul ass in the complete opposite direction. Because for the last few months that she’s been in New York and taking the fashion world by storm, I’ve been watching her. From my ivory tower, from the shadows. Wherever she’s been, I’ve been only feet away, and she hasn’t even realized it.

Until now.

I can’t stay away and watch one more man take his shot with her. She needs to know what she’s doing to me. Especially since things are heating up with my family’s enemies. I just pray those enemies don’t discover my only weakness.
Maybe it was the wrong way to go. Maybe I should never have touched her. Never treated myself to her addictive taste. But I can’t alleviate this obsession I have with her any more than I can put a bullet between my own eyes.

She’s mine to protect now.
I’ll burn my entire fortune to the ground and take ten of those bullets before I let anything happen to her.

I just hope she doesn’t find out what I’ve done.


The book opens with Chris who is supposed to be part of the sixth family of the Mafia that no one knows about. He has been watching fashion designer Jasmine King. Which when he got into describing it sounded like stalking but that is just me. Anyway, when she has a malfunction with her dress, he helps with it. There is the met cute.
He then gets her to agree to go out on a date with him and eventually they begin to spend more time together. Here is when the story changes for men are after him yet take her. You can figure out the rest. The action scenes are okay and when the two of them are together they are good as well. I found this to be an okay book maybe I was looking for more, but it was a quick read. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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