LAWYER AND THE BOSS (Billionaire's Obsession #2)

LAWYER AND THE BOSS                      R.S. ELLIOT

I thought I’d left him behind in high school.
Aiden was always hard to resist.
Bad boy with a chiseled chest to die for.
Now, years later…
He’s a billionaire.
And I’m in danger.
Aiden is my only hope.
I know he’d save me.
But what happens after I fall in love?
He’s still a playboy.
Still drool-worthy.
And me?
I can’t stay away from him if I tried.
My heart is on the line… again.
Is history going to repeat itself?

     You will love the story building.  This is for sure just a teaser so don't get your hopes up for anything too really happen.  The chemistry between these two, you can tell is still steamy hot.  But there were issues we don't know about that need to be revealed and resolved from their past.  Just after he gets her out of this little scrape.
     There is just not enough of the story but I wouldn't mind continuing so I would say take a chance.  I give this: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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