MYLES (Heroes of Hope County #1)

MYLES                                                AMBER ADAMS

I run our small town’s only record store. I love my store. It’s struggling but it’s my Dad’s legacy and I will never let it go. It was a part of him and now it’s a part of me. It was a normal day at the store until the sexiest stranger I’ve ever seen appeared out of nowhere. I can’t let the fact that he can bring my body to mind-bending states of ecstasy take me off guard. He arrived with a mission to destroy everything I ever knew. Though he insists he’s changed, how can I trust him?

I love the fast-paced city life of New York. I also love making big deals as one of the big boys in the cut-throat world of property development. When I find myself in the small backwoods town of Hope to close some stupidly small property deal, I’m pissed. I can’t get outta there fast enough. But then, there’s this girl. Her luscious curves and feisty passion captivate me at first sight. I want her. Bad. She’s a hard nut to crack but, I’m the best closer in the property game. I will make her mine, no matter what.


I know there will be some that say OMG! That can’t happen it just went way too fast. Girl, you’re lying to yourself. We all, nowadays will accept our friendships with women and men who do hookups, one & done, fu— buddies, but we can’t believe that a couple can’t meet, feel a connection, hookup, & want to try at a relationship so quickly.

Especially now as we are all living through this nation's virus crisis, you can’t tell me you single ones, can’t say that there isn’t one of those hookups you were just too cocky and bounced from. And now, think wow, maybe it could have been good.

Well, Myles was sent to do a job, get Holly to sell him her record store that was her daddy’s. This wasn’t his deal, to begin with, so he didn’t want to be in small-town America. He is a big city guy himself. He wanted in and out.

He knew he was in trouble when he walked in and Holly’s backs to him. And she was dancing and he liked what he saw. It’s when she turns around, he was floored, she’s gorgeous. They flirt a bit but then the reason for the visit must be revealed.

The Holly he just met disappears behind an invisible wall and tells him, NO! She will never sell to him. Myles knows he must retreat for now. The next day he goes to see her again after seeing her at a restaurant bar their both with friends & family run into one another, and purely by accident.

Myles says he would like a tour. Can they make chit chat or a relationship out of nothing? Or will Myles stick around for a while for Holly to become more at ease with him? Cute story. Wish it were longer. I would like to see if it works out for them. If so, do they live NY or Hope? 

I really got this because my hubby is a record collector so this sounded so interesting to me.  I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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