SWEET FOR YOU (Sweet Curves #1)

SWEET FOR YOU                               HARPER ASHE

Can true love - and a sweet tooth - conquer all?

Abby Branson has a plus-size crush on handsome billionaire Stephen Blake, CEO of a gourmet foods empire. But when she's hired by Blake Foods as a taste tester for a new line of diet desserts, she's devastated to discover that the real Mr. Blake isn't anything like the fantasy man in her dreams. Until one passionate kiss reveals there's more to the brooding billionaire than meets the eye.

With profits slipping, the future of Stephen Blake's gourmet foods company is riding on the successful launch of his diet desserts line. Adding cute and curvy Abby Branson to the project team makes sense. After all, she smart, feisty, and fits the customer demographic to a T. Although love is the last thing on Stephen's mind, he can't help but notice that Abby is more delicious than anything his company creates.

Sparks soon fly between the billionaire and the BBW. But with her insecurities and his wounded heart, coming up with the right recipe for romance won't be a piece of cake. Will Stephen and Abby succeed in the diet desserts business - and find true love in the process?

Sweet for You is a feel-good romance with a HEA ending. This sweet, romantic novella is one guilty pleasure that won't pack on the pounds - even if you read it more than once!


Abby is a plus-size curvy girl who really is disappointed in her job. She basically has no life. She does go to a support meeting about loving who you are at the size you are. Yet, she sticks to herself.

While there they have a speaker, who shows them how to dress their bodies to accent the positive. The lady tells them the price ranges to get key pieces to get buy and the total amount to last you a year. She will even go with you for a price of course.

She finds a flyer with an ad for a taste tester, of new a diet dessert line for Blake Gourmet Foods. It is coming out soon and she doesn’t care really what it is she wants to work for that company she has a crush on Mr. Blake. They will be paying well for being a tester, she’s in. Enough at least to buy new clothes for a new job hunt.

Let’s just say the desserts were not great and move one, but her feedback was priceless. They ask her to come back again. The desserts are better tasting but only marginally. Again, her feedback priceless to the point where Stephen Blake, CEO, hires her for a year with an option at the end.

There are sparks between these two but Stephen is clueless when it comes to relationships. Plus, I think Abby scares him she wears her emotions on her sleeves and he has to have his dragged out. Good cast of characters and so sweet & funny too. Fast read. I give this: 5++++ stars. Free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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