Off Limits (Kings of Mayhem MC #5)

OFF LIMITS                                              PENNY DEE

I was sixteen when she was born.
The niece of my best friend.
An angel with bright blue eyes and hair the color of night.
Through the years I’ve seen her grow from an adorable dimpled cupid into a strong, independent beauty.
Into a goddess.
A temptress.
Fate has brought us together.
But she is off limits.
I’ve got no business wanting her.
No business at all.

For years I’ve crushed on him.
An older man who makes me tremble.
A biker King whose arms I want to get lost in.
Whose body I can only dream about touching.
Whose lips I’m dying to taste.
I shouldn’t want him.
But I do.
I shouldn’t lust after him.
But tell that to my poor hopeless heart.
I should stay away.
But I won’t.


* spoiler alert ** Book five opens with Chasity and Rugger, how he came and talked to her when she was outside drawing on the sidewalk. He was the only adult who took the time to listen to her. She gives him a happy ring for he is sad. This is a moment that she has connected with him and has always looked up to him.
Now years later Chasity is back in town and her apartment is unlivable. Not wanting to live with her uncle who is also the club president and her friends who are having a baby Rugger steps up sawing she could stay with him since he has a house, in one of his spare bedrooms. They all agree and so the story begins.
Though there are times when this book gets off track it really does follow along with the other books. It’s really the back and forth about the difference in their ages and when her uncle finds out he thinks that she is taking advantage of by Rugger not that they actually care for one another.
The story was good along with the characters and is very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us at

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