PERFECT STORM                              CHERYL DOUGLAS


Dark. Dangerous. Messed up. Yeah, I may be all of those things, but with her, I’m not. She taught me how to love, how to be a one-woman man. Except now my woman wants to leave me, ‘cause I can’t promise her forever. I know I’d never want anyone else but she wants the ring to prove it. Not to mention the baby. But if she knew about my past she’d run far and fast. Then I’d have no choice but to chase her, ‘cause I can’t let her getaway.


I hate him. I love him. I want him. I need him. I hate myself for being weak and caving every time he touches me. But I can’t help myself. He’s just that good. I can’t get over him if I’m always under him, but he’s not letting me go without a fight and you’d have to have an iron will to resist this man.

The Exes are Hotline novellas, a ‘line’ that promises a HEA and NO Cheating with a few caveats: short standalone page-turners with dirty words, naughty scenes, and possessive Alpha heroes told from the first person POV. If you like it hot, this is the series for you.


So, pleasantly pleased to have found this author free on Amazon.  She has a gem here.  A couple who are head over heels in love and can't seem to keep their hands off one another.  Yet, after four years it's no longer enough for Cory.
     Her clock has been ticking for her and Jace is no close to wanting to marry or have a family.  Cory loves him and wants to be with him and she knows with all her heart he loves her but they just can't agree on these points.  So, she packs up and leaves to find a man that will want those things with her.  Owning their successful bar together makes moving on impossible when possessive alphas scar them all men who look at you away.  
     How far will she go to get away from him to get to the dream she has?  Will Jace come around or will he be left holding on to his stance instead of her?  I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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