ANYTHING FOR YOU (The Connor Family #1)

ANYTHING FOR YOU                         LAYLA HAGEN

Widowed CEO Landon Connor has many talents. He’s successful and driven, and maybe a little too career-focused. Some (like his big and boisterous family) would even call him a workaholic. Landon has good reasons for putting his personal life on hold…

But meeting landscape designer Maddie Jennings makes him question his choices. He can’t get enough of her sweetness, or her sensual curves. Maddie Jennings is all he sees, and everything he wants.

Maddie hasn’t met anyone quite like Landon. He’s sexier than anyone has the right to be, and more intense too. He’s a little bossy, a lot hot. Despite fanning herself every time he comes near her, she tries to ignore their attraction. Maddie isn’t sure that she and Landon are quite right for each other.

When Landon romances her with late-night walks and sinful dancing, she can’t help giving in to him. His touch is intoxicating, and their passion is scorching hot. His love is beautiful.

But can Landon open up his heart for longer than a summer?


I would for sure read this whole series. This author’s style of writing is exactly what I enjoy totally. Humor, a large happy family who works and supports one another. Sexual bantering, tension, and yes sex. We enjoy how this family likes to butt into each other’s business yet, not in a menacing way. Only with true love and concern.

Landon Connor is one of six Connor children left behind when his parents were killed by a drunk driver. He is not only the eldest child he is the eldest child by fifteen minutes. Which he endearing reminds his twin Val as often as possible. They both took over raising the children when tragedy struck. Landon is a widower and billionaire of a software co., Val is the owner & creator of a cosmetics & perfume co., Will is next he is a detective with LAPD.

Now, we have Lori she is a single mother of, Milo. She is an event/wedding planner, Hailey is next she is an investment planner and last but not least is, Jace he is a pro soccer player. Which is something both Landon and Val were well on their way to becoming since they had both received full rides to Harvard for soccer but days before Christmas, they came home to bad news then stayed to do their part?

This is a family that doesn’t see a negative, only a way to find solutions even if it means ganging up on the stubborn one. Now, Landon has met his match when he meets Maddie. She too is the eldest and used to caring for her sister. Different circumstances same results. Landon is not used to anyone say no and why so firmly as well as pleasantly. Stubborn, meet stubborn. These treats in her intrigues him.

You see Maddie is the owner, on-site, and hands-on, the working boss of her landscaping design business. So, when Landon arrives at his sister’s spacious home and yards it looks like a bomb went off. Laughingly Val recruits her to spy on Landon to make him relax since he’s not had a vacation in four years. From there their lives become entwined. Two weeks turns into six plus.

A lot can happen when you are determined never to be vulnerable again by falling in love. Even when shored your walls up. Love is just that sneaky. Take time to enjoy this free time-out with this family you will not regret it. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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