FROM A DISTANCE                           LM CARR

After an intense whirlwind romance, Karrie Parker thought she had it all: a sexy husband, a loving family, a great career, and a beautiful home. Together they lived a life fit for royalty. But when tragedy strikes, Karrie is devastated and left to face the consequences of her husband's deepest, darkest secrets. Discovering the strength to carry on while making important, life-changing decisions, she finds herself desperate for answers. And holding the key to the puzzle is the one man she loathes immensely. For up and coming motorcycle drag racer Tyler Strong, keeping painful secrets was never part of the plan. Racing motorcycles and winning was all he ever wanted to do. But when his best friend's lies begin to unravel, Tyler is sent into a tailspin when he's forced to come face to face with the one woman he vowed to stay away from. The woman he refuses to speak to, the woman he avoids, the woman he watches...from a distance. As the truth becomes clear, will destiny bring these two unlikely souls together or tear them apart forever? 


First, If you have triggers of verbal or physical abuse be aware recounts can be harsh. The first time reading this author that I can remember at least. Now, these are two people who come from behind and find their HEA, but wow does this author take you on a wild ride to get there. I have to say it will be worth it.

I did read some of the one & two stars like I always do to see what I am walking into. I have to say either they skimmed over the book and missed a lot of connecting parts or for sure some, they misread the items they chose to bring up.

Karrie was fifteen years younger than her husband Alex Parker. When the book opens his alarm goes off and he is pulling away during a sexual act he is receiving from Karrie. Right away I am no way, homeboys getting some on the side. No man walks away from his woman during that. Karrie, however, is clueless, she was more fixated on the fact that he tells her his sidekick is on his way to pick him up and he needs a shower.

Tyler Strong is Karrie’s age and sexy as all get out but she hates him because one he steals her husband’s time from her every weekend with racing motorcycles for Alex Parker Racing. You see Alex owns a team and races himself that’s how they met. Second, he’s always watching her and leering at her. She tried to be his friend because he was her husband's best friend but he still hates her. Once again, he waits in the driveway, he won’t come in.

Months later after a major blow-up between Karrie and Alex when he tells her he has a race the weekend of their fifth anniversary on his way back the unthinkable happens to turn everything Karrie ever knew on its head.
Only one man had all the answers and they both hated each other’s guts. Her grief and her need for answers and then her anger make it all possible to decide to get them.

Yet, through it all, she was able to go crazy, be angry, purge, fight back, and triumph over a lot. Yet, her ex haunted her. Tyler, in my opinion, continued to stir that pot with Penny. It angered me how quickly she would forgive him for omissions not really lies but, in a relationship, where you came from mistrust, it is hard to forget so quickly. Tyler was a repeat offender.

Other than that, he was sexy as all get out. Love a man who’s not afraid to cry, love hard, and is hands-on. I love that her family was there for her, and his too. Make sure you have tissues because there will be ugly tears but lots of laughter too. My kind of read. Free on Amazon.
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