BE WITH ME (All I Want #2)

BE WITH ME                                       LEA COLL

I've been friends with Jack Perry since he protected me from a high school bully but I want more from the sexy firefighter.

Jack’s back in town to save his family’s business and I won't miss another opportunity to make him mine. When Jack stops by my bakery, I notice he’s filled out since high school and I can’t resist his boyish smile and wink.

Too bad my high school bully is my new boss and he’s determined to ruin everything.
I don’t want Jack to protect me and I don’t want to be his friend. But he’s only in town temporarily and everyone always leaves.

It's time to show him I'm all grown up and all I want is for him to be with me.


This the first book of Lea’s I’ve read and I enjoyed it. It’s in small-town America on the river. The hub of a lot the active and local gossip goes through the bakery and all the friends that come to visit the head baker Samantha.

Now, Sam was bullied growing up and one of her friends Jack was the one who always stepped in. You see her mother was overbearing & her father a workaholic making her shy, wary of others & yet caring. Her heart was full, especially for Jack. But life never works the way you want it too. At sixteen she starts working at the bakery and finds her happy place. Also, unapproved for a long-term career choice.

So, when her mother wouldn’t fund pastry school after high school while her friends left for college, she stays moves out of her parents, cuts ties, and works full-time at the bakery. She thought when Bev retired, she would take over as manager since she had been doing it for years, but since Bev wants to try to improve her relationship with her son, since her divorce she has him do it. Only it’s Sam’s worst nightmare come alive it’s her bully, Justin.

Jack shows her all bells & whistle of being a couple dating you know, he’s all in. Beds her twice each he gets cold feet after, he has commitment issues, mind you after raking her about her past relationships even before the first bedding. At that point, I disliked Jack for the majority of the book. Here she was trying to prove to him she could stand up for herself and for what a slap in the face.

She is miserable until the day Jack walks back into the bakery to see her. He is back home for a bit to help his dad, at the local marina where it is being vandalized. She can’t tell but she thinks he’s flirting with her, they circle each other for days, but that first kiss is off the charts for them both. Now, I love Jack his heart, for the most part, is in the right place. Who can’t love a sexy firefighter? Now at home, he volunteers at the local firehouse.

Over the top friends who are loyal and they are there for her even knowing parts of her past, the insecurity, and fears. So, when she is backed into a corner on an issue that could cost her more than everything, she goes to the three women she knows are there no matter what.

When she started doing it for herself, I was proud of her. I am proud of her for overcoming her fears. I was proud of her at the end too for following her heart. Jack redeemed himself so all’s good. I give this: 4 stars. Free read on Amazon. 
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