More: (You & Me) #3

More: (You & Me)                                                     Lisa Shelby


I never wanted more, until her.

Growing up watching my philandering father tear my family apart and break my mother’s heart, I vowed never to cause anyone that kind of pain.

Keep it simple. No relationships mean no heartbreak. No strings attached.

But with Alex... things were never simple. Sweet, exotically beautiful Alex is like forbidden fruit, and I wanted a taste.

My little sister’s best friend may be all grown up, but she’s still off-limits. It doesn’t matter though; I’ll never be able to give her what she needs.

Less than perfect childhoods have left us both scarred. She’s afraid to let me in, and I’m terrified of letting her go.

But, can I give her more? It’s what she deserves, what she’s always deserved.

I know they say time heals all wounds, but I think it’s love.

(This is the third book in the You & Me Series and can be read as a standalone.)

This a book that grabs you but you need to be aware there is some sexual graphic violence and details that occur that can CAUSE TRIGGERS. BEWARE.

When your heart finds it’s one it’s hard to change the course of your life mid-stream. At least while you’re in teens, for Mick it seemed like that. His heart had stopped when he sees his sister’s best friend Alex. She was just the most beautiful exotic creature he had ever seen. Yet, he knew she was off-limits because she was his little sister’s best friend.

He was tortured daily listening to the girls laughing and talking. He so wanted to be in with them. Really, he was only two years older than them but it might as well have been one hundred at that time in their lives. By twenty-one, Mick is a police officer when he and his training officer get sent to a call and it turns out to be Alex’s home. All her family secrets come roaring out and Mick, he is the superhero that helps her through it never giving up her secrets away to any of their friends.

Several months later he is out with friends and he catches her on the dance floor after he watched her sneak in. Instead of throwing her out, he butts up to her and dances with her. Something he always wanted to do. From that day forward she became like the song he has for her, ‘Sweet Thing’ she’s his everything. Then years go by like eight, they become friends and no one even knows. They are their own core and when Mick has a bad day at work, she is there for him.

See how Mick the eternal party boy. All the close core of close friends know this. The one who swore he would never date, marry, or be tied down becomes so engulfed in this woman his friend that before he knows it, he’s in deep. She’s his MORE. That last chapter seemed awkwardly placed into the story. I totally got where she was going and her thought process cute but felt like an afterthought. In that ten years would have liked more info on them & this less thrown in, I guess. I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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