For the Win (Wynn Hockey #4)

FOR THE WIN                                          KELLY JAMIESON               

Harrison Wynn
Even though I’m the oldest player on the farm team, I’m playing my heart out this year to prove that I have what it takes to play in the NHL.
Everyone expects me to live up to my dying hockey hero dad’s legacy, but my chances are receding every season.
What I need is to focus, but the team’s new yoga instructor is a major distraction; I’ve had my eye on her from the first time we met.
Except she’s not interested—okay, maybe actively disinterested—since I accidentally dumped her into the ocean during our paddleboard yoga class.
How can I prove to her—and to the NHL—that I’m worth taking a chance on?
Arya Ross
Men are the last thing I need in my life.
Yoga is my priority; it helps me center myself and heal my soul.
But I can’t turn down the once-in-a-lifetime offer to be the personal yoga instructor for the local hockey team.
Sure, there are some cute players—including Harrison Wynn, who seemingly won’t take no for an answer, and whose boyish smile and sexy charm are hard to resist.
He seems genuine, and I wonder . . .
Can I put my past behind me to start a future with him?

Here you have Harrison Wynn who is the oldest player in the farm system for his team getting called up to the big team. He goes to water yoga and begins to make jokes which was from the ending of the last book, which had Everly and Wyatt finally dating. Now Harrison has been doing nothing but causing problem for Arya Ross the yoga instructor, she also ends up in the ocean and finally, Harrison feels bad.
Arya has shown up in a few of the books but just briefly here you get a full story with her. She ends up being hired for a while as a yoga instructor for the team Harrison plays for and she finally agrees to go to coffee with him and then an actual date. You slowly are led to her past which is one hell of a past and you see why she is leery.
Harrison is dealing with is issues of hockey and the family issues, though you do find more of those out as the story goes along. He really is attracted to Arya and the more that they date she eventually opens up to his sister and cousin. When they here what happened to her it begins to make sense about the way she acts.
Things begin to change for the two of them though really when he takes her to a bowling alley that is a refurbish and historic looking. She proceeds to kick his ass. From there the two of them are a couple, things are going well until she tells him about her past and he starts to worry that he treated her the same way, but instead of talking to her he bails. Now you wonder if he screwed the whole thing up. Read this wonderful story to see what happens. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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