JUST ROOMMATES (Blue Beech #5)

JUST ROOMMATES                               CHARITY FERRELL

Our relationship starts as a game.
I sneak into his bar underage.
He kicks me out.

Maliki Bridges is the town's hottest bar owner.
He thinks I'm the mayor's troublesome daughter.
I think he has a stick up his a**.

Once I turn twenty-one, we become friends.
Nothing more ...

Until my world is turned upside down, and he offers me his guest bedroom.
It's a bad idea, moving in with him, but any opportunity I get to be around him I'll take.
Consequences be damned.

Becoming roommates is the riskiest game we've ever played.


Love bantering couples and that these were the odd couple due age made it even funnier. Add the sexual attraction and restrictions needed to be put in place due to laws for fake ID’s & drinking in bars made even more interesting.

This was my first time reading this author and I have to say there was a nice mix of humor and drama. At times some seeming much but there are those relationships that can take that on so believe me totally get it.

Maliki’s transformation from what everyone talked about his past seemed amazing but in character almost. You could see and feel the love he developed for Sierra over time. They grew into it. He knew she had a crush as much as he did but that she still had her life experience to go through with college & her sorta-kinda-boyfriend.

Sierra wanted Maliki since forever even before she ever entered, she had seen him around. He kicked her out pretty regularly from eighteen to finally she turns twenty-one. Then, she became a fixture allowing their friendship to grow and Maliki thought a start of a relationship. Not knowing about the booty-boyfriend.

Let’s just say things get dicey but iron out then parent issues bring them back together. Then, oops she forgets to mention she got engaged. Not good where do they go from here? You see Sierra has a problem telling anyone know and on the one night she was going to she gets a surprise that changes the course of both their lives.

Totally enjoyed this story did have a few places that for me that dragged but for the most part kept me wanting to read more. Free on Amazon. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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