The Last Hunt (Benny Griessel #6)

THE LAST HUNT                                      DEON MEYER

When a cold case dossier lands on Captain Benny Griessel's desk, he and his partner Vaughn Cupido, fellow member of the Hawks elite police unit in South Africa, reluctantly set to work reviewing the evidence of the disappearance--and possible murder--of ex-cop Johnson Johnson on the world's most luxurious train line. Two fellow travelers might have the answers Griessel and Cupido need--but they too seem to have disappeared into thin air, and the few clues that exist suggest a cover-up. Meanwhile, Daniel Darret has settled into a new, quiet life in Bordeaux, far from his native South Africa and his revolutionary past. But when a man from that past reappears to commission his unique skills one more time, Daniel is forced to decide whether to remain anonymous or to strike a forceful blow against a corrupt government.

The two storylines eventually crash together in an ending as dramatic as it is unexpected, leaving Griessel and Cupido uncertain of their own future. With its rapid-fire plotting and beloved characters, The Last Hunt shows one of today's great crime writers operating at the peak of his powers and makes a brave and powerful statement about the pervasive corruption that has stolen so much from Meyer's native country.


Having never read this author before I was drawn to the story. I will say that I did start the book twice just so I had all of the characters down, but that is just me. It is set in Cape Town. You have Captain Benny Griessel who is living with Alexa and Vaughn Capudio. Benny and Vaughn are sent to investigate a murder on a train that is expensive but run into problems from the start from other agencies who are already there. In a second story inside of this book, you have a boxer named Daniel Darret. He is struggling in his life just in life trying to make a new one for himself.
The author weaves you through both stories and all of the different characters. He adds the political corruption of South Africa hindering their investigation. He also brings you to the personal struggle with Griessel in coming up with the courage to ask Alexa to marry, I found that to be more of a struggle for him than the case. Seemed liked he was expecting all of the political parts of that, but he was torn up about marriage, the courage to ask, there is always a possibility that your woman will say no. Daniel's story is just as strong as it helps with this book at least for me. At the beginning of this book, I was drawn to his character first then I was into all of the rest of the book. I will say that this is a very good book with really strong characters and that once you get into it you won’t want to stop. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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