On the Run : A Mafia Childhood

ON THE RUN                                            GREGG AND GINA HILL

In the 1970s, Henry Hill pulled off heists and busted heads with the Mob. In the '80s, he became famous-as the antihero of the bestselling book Wiseguy and blockbuster movie Goodfellas. But there was one story he couldn't tell. Now his children, Gregg and Gina, tell it for him.

ON THE RUN is the extraordinary true account of what it's like to grow up in the federal witness protection program. Just as Gregg was celebrating his bar mitzvah and his sister, Gina, was buying her first bra, Henry Hill was informing on his former cronies. Henry, his wife, and children were swept into protective custody. And Gregg and Gina, who'd already been exposed to their father's wild side, were about to be ripped from their home and lose the only normalcy they'd ever known.

Taking only what they could fit in a bag, the Hill children began a nightmarish life on the run: constantly moving from town to town, often without warning, and always knowing that their Uncle Jimmy, along with their father's other former "friends," wanted the Hills dead. All the while, Henry, a violent career criminal with a taste for hard drugs and women, used his new identity to break the law and make new enemies-forcing the family to run again and again. For Gina, the journey from Queens to Nebraska to Kentucky to Washington State was one of fierce denial-of trying to see the best in her abusive father, of learning her skills as an amateur actress, and finally uttering the unspeakable truth to her best friend. For Gregg, it was a chronicle of heartache, sacrifice, and violence: giving up a tennis career, standing up his first date because the family had to flee that night, and finally, after a series of near lethal confrontations with his father, running for his life.

Exploding the myths of glitz and camaraderie that surround the Mob, ON THE RUN is a gritty, heartbreaking true story of children born into two families at once: the loud, violent Hills, and the silent, murderous Mafia. In their own eloquent words, Gregg and Gina Hill tell how they survived both-and finally got the best revenge.
This is a re-release of a book from 2004. It is written by two of the children of Henry Hill who if anyone has seen the movie “Goodfellas” was taken from the book “Wiseguy”. Even after the movie after he ratted out the people he worked for and had gone into the witness protection program he still screwed that up for his family. With all of his drinking and mostly drugs his family was back on the run again because of him and the government was not going to protect him or the family they got what they needed and wanted.
Here you really get to see the not so glitter life but the family dysfunctional which is more than some of some other families. You feel for the two of them for they had no control over the situation and their father did not care. Really a good book especially if you know about or read the other book. Worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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