PAYBACK                                                   JOSEPH BADAL

When Bruno Pedace learns that his investment banking partners are setting him up to take the fall for their own corrupt practices, he does what he has always done--run away. But the documents he takes with him put a target on his back. He changes his name and, for nine years, goes underground, until an assassin tracks him down in California and badly injures him.

Befriended by Janet Jenkins, a courageous woman who works in a battered women's shelter, Bruno, for the first time in his life, with Janet's help, fights back. He constructs an ingenious financial scheme to get payback for the crimes perpetrated by his former partners.

In PAYBACK, award-winning, Amazon #1 best-selling author Joseph Badal weaves a story about a sympathetic protagonist who, when pushed too far, finally pushes back. This is a story about revenge that includes assassins, corrupt Wall Street investment bankers, a Mafia capo, Asian gangs, and heroic cops. And, to top it all off, it is a story about friendship and love.


A story the grips you from the start. Beginning with the subprime mortgage, Bruno learns from his assistant that the top partners are setting him up to take the fall with the feds. Once he receives the information he begins to act. Next, it is nine years later and you are taken to Janet Jenkins house who is dealing with her mother in the morning. Then she deals with the cases that come up with St. Anne’s, she is a social worker dealing with families. Mainly abused women who don’t leave their husbands. Now, this afternoon she is dealing with on who put his wife in the hospital and killed his children. That man later is after Janet and she fights for her life.
Meanwhile, you are introduced to two detectives working the cases with Janet. One you can tell has the street smarts and the other Andrews is just wet behind the ears. Now you are brought back to Bruno who has come up on the radar of one of the old partners. He is looking to find him and be rid of the so-called problem once and for all.
All of these life’s intro sects throughout the story. You are taken from New York to L.A. then to New York back to L.A. and even to Vietnam. This is all done in a way that keeps you the reader going. You are constantly wanting to know what happens next. That is until the end. I was sad in the parking lot for the story was over, I was looking forward to the next page of the book was denied because it ended. Though I knew it would I wanted it to continue I was so wrapped up in the story I was not ready for it to be over.
This book for me was a journey of action with twists and turns. With different characters added and some were taken away. Each one though served a purpose for this story. I will say I was really surprised at just how much I really liked this book and for other people who like action you will not be disappointed. A very good book from start to finish. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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