Savor This (Lovers in Louisville #3)

SAVOR THIS                                              ARIELLA TALIX

In this passionate and unpredictable story, Halden Dahl is a successful glass artist and total ladies’ man. Handsome and talented with an ego as big as all outdoors, has he finally met a woman who will bring him to his knee?

Madison Lassiter is the new girl in town, and as soon as Halden lays eyes on her, he wants her. Halden has always been a thrill-seeker with a strong sense of wanderlust, so Madison has her doubts that he’s the man for her despite their obvious chemistry.

From the age of seven, Madison has been laser-focused on establishing a successful millinery business. It’s time now for her to branch out from her tiny hometown of Honeybee Hollow to the big city of Louisville, Kentucky.

She’s ready for new experiences, but is she ready for Halden?

Suitable for adult readers due to HOT content.


Halden Dahl is a glassblower, an artist he travels the world and has decided not to date but has not told anyone. When he spots newcomer Madison Lassiter arriving at his family’s party he is taken by her beauty. When he finds that she is a businesswoman this only increases his attraction for her.
Madison is attracted to him as well but is wanting to take things. Tells him she has heard about. Showing up as her new store the next day he helps her all day getting it ready for the opening. He also learns about her business and about her being a milliner.
The story deals with the two of them but also an old boyfriend who suddenly shows up at her new place wanting to get back together though he is married and has children. She also has to deal with another man in town who is fixated on her as well. Then each has to deal with Halden being gone while he is working on his huge art piece. When he is home, he is with her 100% and gives her the hope she needs. She also needs him to stop taking so many chances and that will come to an end as well.
I really liked all of the characters, plus the little different stories going on in one big story. I really liked the ending as well really put a nice touch on everything. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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