The Closer You Get

THE CLOSER YOU GET                          MARY TORJUSSEN

Ruby didn’t plan to have an affair. She doesn’t love her husband, but wouldn’t set out to steal someone else’s. Yet when she met Harry they simply couldn’t keep apart. Now, she’s brave enough to leave her marital home and start again, as is Harry, or so she thinks.

Waiting at a hotel for her lover to arrive, Ruby realizes she has made a mistake. Harry won’t come. He will never leave his wife.

What Ruby hasn’t worked out is that Harry’s wife Emma knows all about the affair. And she’s hanging on to her husband. Whatever the cost. But can she forgive and forget? Or is revenge the only way to settle the score?


So, the story begins with Ruby having an affair with Harry her boss. When he does not show up at the hotel for the weekend, she is nervous because they were planning on leaving each of their spouses. She had already had done so; you find out he is with his spouse on a weekend getaway. Ruby’s whole world changes from Friday, going to work the following week she is let go and people know what she and her boss were doing, but once again it is the woman’s fault and not the man’s. once she slowly begins to put her life back in order, she is still feeling the effects, with someone posting an add with her phone number and her receiving calls for sex. She felt someone in her apartment and things being moved.
Then you met Harry’s wife Emma and you get her point and you see things from her side and then the story begins to take a whole different take when Ruby’s husband begins to try to torment her. All the while you think Harry is just free and clear well, he will get his.
What really got me was as I was getting to the end and Tom and Ruby were having it out, I realized at that moment it reminded me of the old movie “Gaslight” just a newer take on the physiological games Tom was playing, using on Ruby throughout their marriage. You get the feeling though at the end that it might not stop. For me, this is an excellent book but one that really did not get me moving along until Emma’s character came into the story than the entire book just seemed to take off, from there it was nonstop. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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