COLT                                                     KALI HART


I’ve just had the worst day!
Flat tire, spilled coffee on my new dress, and oh yeah, I got laid off.
Since do-overs aren’t really an option, I put my bestie in charge.
I love her, but what was I thinking?
The rodeo is in town the same weekend as a romance novel writing convention.
Before I know what happens, she’s dragging us into a private rodeo tour and giving us both pen names.
We don’t write romance novels.
The non-rule breaker in me is itching to run before we get caught.
Until I see who’s leading the tour.
I’ve never seen anything hotter in a cowboy hat in my life.
I might be in trouble.


I’m a Wilder.
Just like my brothers, the rodeo is my life.
I’m one of the top-ranking bull riders, but I want to be number one.
I don’t need distractions.
Most women can’t handle the lifestyle, so I’ve sworn them off.
But I get roped into leading a private tour for romance writers--don’t ask.
I’m used to the attention, and I’ve learned to smile for the camera and tune the rest of it out.
Until I see the curvy beauty in the stands.
I’ve never read a romance novel in my life.
But now I want to create one, with her.

Sweet & Steamy short story insta-love romance with an alpha cowboy hero and younger curvy woman with a HEA. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating.


Sonya Williamson may not actually be a writer, but with the kind of day she had. Jillian, a longtime friend, and chosen family. She didn’t see what harm in sneaking into a rodeo event this weekend. Especially,  an event set up for romance writers. What is one or two more women who would notice in an all those ladies at a rodeo grounds? Well, a blue vest that’s who!

Yes, two, it would be, Colt Wilder. That would be when he gets up to welcome everyone to the weekend event. He notices the most beautiful woman, with real curves and full breasts. A woman he wants to meet and know. When he makes contact, he comes to know her as Jane Harper. A contemporary western romance writer, along with her friend who is by her side to help her through a bad day.

When Colt and Sonya come together the chemistry is sizzling, he can’t wait to get his hands on her. She’s nervous the blue vests will nab them for not having a lanyard for the event. So, he gives them both a VIP pass.

See how the two women keep all the plates spinning. Not to mention keeping away from the blue vest lady. Trying to keep the story going with Colt and figuring out what is important in their lives.

Fun fast short with laughs. I give this: 5 stars. I found this free on Amazon.

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