RUINED WEDDING                           TERA JONES

I got the shock of my life on my wedding day when I discovered that my fiancé had been sleeping with my twin sister all along. I left home to heal on my own in a hotel. The first day at the hotel, I met Ian who not only rescued me from downing, but he also saved me at the club.

I have never been one who was interested in getting married but I was attracted to Hannah. Hannah didn’t want anything serious, she was only interested in getting over Frank, her ex.


Ruined wedding? That is one way to look at it, but things happen for a reason. In this case, this is a true statement. Hannah finds out Frank had been to sleeping with her twin, Jenna. One problem, she finds out from neither of them. It’s from someone who couldn’t forever hold his peace. Yup, the two cowards could act like rabbits but ended up being skunks.

Hannah decided to take that vacation to clear her head. On her first day on the beach and then again in the bar she meets Ian. They have explosive chemistry and end up spending the week together. When it’s time for her to leave Ian asks to exchange information, she says it’s best not to. So, he lets her go. But, one day can’t go by when they are both thinking they blew it.

See how this author takes sex meet-cute to sizzling heights. Where do you think they go from there?

This is a fast read and rather sexual but cute. I give this: 5 stars. I found free on Amazon. Follow us at

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