Sassy Blonde (Three Chicks Brewery #1)

SASSY BLONDE                                              STACEY KENNEDY

Maisie Carter has always been a free spirit. An artist by nature, she has no idea what she's doing as co-owner of Three Chicks Brewery. But she's determined to prove to her older sisters that she can be an asset to their grandfather's beer legacy. The best way to do that? Make the rounds at Colorado's craft brewery festivals and turn Foxy Diva, their top beer, into an award winner. Unfortunately, after more than one "beer mishap," it becomes clear that she's going to need some help.

Hayes Taylor knows he has a chip on his shoulder, but he has no interest in working through his traumatic past. He just wants to work on his horse farm, alone. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman, especially his dead wife's best friend, the sweet-as-pie Maisie Carter. But she's always brought out his protective instincts, and he can hardly say 'no' when she asks for his help...

As the two embark on the festival tour, beer-filled days turn into lust-filled nights, and neither Maisie nor Hayes can deny their growing attraction. But Hayes knows love leads to heartbreak... Can Maisie show him that their love is worth the risk?


Massie Carter is the youngest of three sisters, they have decided to start a bar and brew beer. She is going along with her older sisters because she believes that is what her grandfather wanted when he left them the money. Her real dream has always been to be an artist, it is one reason she is late every day for work. Though she says no the paint in her hair or on her cheek always gives it away.
She has now been given or taken on the task to go to three beer festivals, which would be good except for one minor problem. She broke her finger when a keg fell on or rolled on it. She did want she has been doing for the last few years she called Hayes Taylor.
Hayes was her best friend’s husband, but one night a few years ago she was gunned down, murdered. Hayes who was a police officer at the time blames himself and left the force. He now works with horses wants to be alone, but does come whenever Massie calls for she saved his life. When he arrives and sees her problem he takes her to the hospital. He later ends up in the same hospital which is who they end up taking a road trip together. They go on the beer festival run together everything is going good until the last one when they don’t make it because she wants to stop at a fair. Then the truck is stolen and it just goes downhill from there.
Will she be able to fix things with her sisters? Will Hayes tell Massie what he feels he needs to tell her? What will happen between the two of them? Read this good story to find out. I received this book from Follow us at

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