Relentless in Texas (Texas Rodeo #6)

RELENTLESS IN TEXAS                             KARI LYNN DELL

Gil Sanchez was once rodeo's biggest and baddest hotshot. Now he's thirteen years sober and finally free of the pain that ended his skyrocketing career. Given one last, near-miraculous shot to claw his way back to rodeo glory, he can't let fantasies of happily-ever-after dull his razor edge...but Carmelita White Fox is every dream he's never let himself have.

And from the moment he saw the spark of challenge in her eyes, he hasn't been able to look away.

Carma may come from a Blackfeet family noted for its healing abilities, but even she knows better than to try to fix this scarred, cynical, and incredibly sexy cowboy. Yet she's the only one who can reach past Gil's jaded armor, and the fiercely loyal heart buried beneath the biting cynicism is impossible to resist. Gil needs Carma just as much as she needs him, but as the pressure builds and the spotlight intensifies, they'll have to fight like hell to save the one thing neither can live without.


I really liked this story. Which had Gil Sanchez who is still working on his sobriety which I can relate to. He is going on thirteen years and this one night in Montana he is drawn into the music and lights of the bar. While inside he becomes drawn in by one Carmelita White Fox. She is just one of many characters that make this story.
That night when she draws in Gil nothing happens but a connection, though both want more that needs to be put off, or on hold. It would be months later when she is stranded, sick, tired that she needs his help. What has happened between that time is now Gil has his teenage son full time. She is dealing with the loss of her Grandmother, also his family on how and why she just appeared one night and just who and what she is after.
Carma who comes from the Blackfeet Nation is who they call a healer. And as the story progresses Gil has to slowly remove the huge stone walls that he has put in place around himself, turns out she is one who can start removing and healing some of those past wounds. This is not a fast quick love story it is slow and really just what I would have expected from Gil’s character from the other books.
I really liked this book for so many reasons, the characters and having Gil’s mother in it was good. Carma was really good and the ending with her was perfect I won’t give it away. You also have his son, brother, and sister in law, just so many and each one helped with the story. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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