Surrendering To Him


When Phoebe Danvers’s job lands her in danger, local badass and ex-FBI agent turned PI Huxley Carson steps in to save her. The only problem with that is she doesn’t want to be saved. She wants to be left alone to focus on work. Unfortunately, Huxley is determined to help, so she settles on keeping him at arm’s length—something he’s determined not to let her do.

What Phoebe doesn’t know is Huxley has been interested in her for years but never had a way in until now. With the push and pull of their new relationship and danger drawing closer, Phoebe begins to wonder if it’s time to surrender to the man consuming her soul.

Or is it already too late?


Phoebe Danvers is a reporter and investigative journalist the previous year she did a story on a gang in the area and the drug trafficking. Now she is planning on doing a story on the way the sheriff who got elected over the man who everyone thought should have won. Before she can start though Huxley Carson P.I. and former FBI agent enters the room and throws her over his shoulder carrying her out to his car cuffing her to his car and then taking her to bed. That part seemed a little dramatic. I got that it is a story and all but what guy has the right to just come up and put his hands on a woman like that, I know I taught my daughter differently.
Anyway, once I got past that and just about the story it was okay. Huxley is trying to take down the people that have moved into the town that is taking over the illegal activities and the sheriff is part of that as well. He is also wanting to protect Phoebe and just goes about it all alpha-like which she is not used to and though I liked the story as far as the action scenes my take on Huxley I felt he was a little over the top at times, that is just me. A good book none the less. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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