The Return (Second Chance Flower Shop #1)

THE RETURN                                          NOELLE ADAMS

Ria Phillips has a plan. Stay strong. Stay busy. Stay focused on what's important. And don't start daydreaming again about a certain pair of soulful brown eyes.

No, it won't be easy. Jacob Worth was her first love. Her first time. Her first everything. Until he left town one day without explanation. He broke her heart back then, but she's not a teenager with a crush anymore. She's an adult--with a plan.

In the past eight years, Ria has built a good life for herself in her small hometown. She and her friends have used their creativity and business savvy to turn the little florist shop she inherited into an astonishing success. She's got more than enough in her life to be proud of, and she's going to make sure Jacob sees that.

She's not going to let him rattle her. She's not going to watch him from afar, even if he's even hotter than before. And she's definitely not going to fall into bed with him. Or, if she accidentally slips up, it will only be once.

She learned her lesson a long time ago, and she's not going to fall for Jacob again.


Ria Philips has taken her parent's small floral shop and turned it into a very successful business. If she could have that same success in her personal life everything for her would be grand. But that is not the case. The person she loved and still loves, though she tells everyone she has moved on from Jacob Worth the truth is he still has a piece of her for the last eight years. Now she has found out from her best friend that he is coming home because his grandfather is dying, but she is telling everyone she is fine.
Jacob Worth was and still is in love with Ria. Graduating from high school and the two of them showing their love together that night, both thought their plans of going to the same college was sent. She helped him with all of the paperwork and they were looking forward to leaving their small town together. It changes though when his grandfather kicked him out and was not going to pay for anything, he was not able to explain it to Ria at the time for he was angry not at her but at everything and just being young. He has spent the last eight years in Alaska working on a fishing boat. Coming home to see his grandfather he is wanting to get into town and leave quickly.
When they finally see each other, each is surprised how the other one has changed now being an adult, but what is still there is the attraction that has always been. Slowly they find themselves back together and she finds out what happens from the grandfather. The kicker for him is when she tells him to go back to Alaska and see if he wants to come back. This is a very good book with good characters. I actually liked the story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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