THE WEDDING #2                                               SIAN CEINWEN

Marrying a rock star. It's harder than you think.

Heather York's life was a complete breeze. Sure, she was working herself to the bone on her recently launched fashion line, Serenity, in preparation for its debut at New York Fashion Week.

Yes, her boyfriend, Harrison Fletcher, did happen to be one of the world's most famous rock stars. Oh, and he had also just proposed which meant that she had a star-studded celebrity wedding to plan now.

Did she mention that her ex-best friend, Ariana Chamberlain, had just walked back into their lives after cutting them all off completely two years ago?

No, her life wasn't complicated at all.

The Wedding is the follow-up to Sian Ceinwen's debut novel, The Album. Dive back into the world of Cruise Control, as they navigate the tricky path of life in the spotlight as the world's most famous rock band.


We find out in book one that Heather and Harrison are high school sweeties.  What truly brings them together is their height and you find out how badly heather used to get bullied.  At six-feet-tall she had been teased about her height, never having any friends.


So, when Gabe’s new girlfriend, Ariana joins them on tour and they mesh so well they become fast friends.  Everyone, including Gabe himself, never realizes that Ari being so much younger is trying to cope with all that is being thrown at her and what comes with the touring, lifestyle, fans, women, paparazzi, and so on.  But she did explain to Gabe about her extreme fear of being in photos in front of everyone for press it is a phobia.


So, when it became too much for her, she bails. Did she do it wrong, yes?  Did she have to at the time? So she thought, at the time, yes. What no one understands is when you are in a manic state until you seek help for your phobia you can’t identify the cause of the problem.  She has. Now, two years later she is back better than ever.  She and Gabe are going to try again.


Here is where I have a problem.  Heather in the last book I loved she was sweet and helpful.  The Heather in this book, I am just now feeling so much.  She is acting bitchy, rude, and like a mean girl. Not even asking Ari what went wrong.  To me, she’s being the bully that treated her wrong in high school.  Fame had seemingly changed her.  Sebastian has fueled her fire which doesn’t surprise me.  Harrison tries to be Switzerland.  Not working.


Then, Heather sees life from Ari’s side of the fence when tragedy befalls the band engulfing her up in the paparazzi storm. Life becomes scary to the point of needing bodyguards.  Guess who comes to comfort and be her friend? Right! Ari.  The mean girl has a decision to make change the situation or live life alone.


Heather is able to turn things around.  I love the way Sian had the ability to have me really hating this bully Heather who I loved and felt for in the last book and then hating and then liking by the end of this book.  Do I like the way she did Harrison? No, because she did worse than Ari ever did to Gabe. Sian changes this pin cushion caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly before my eyes. So, that is something.


Sebastian has turned into a human being with a big heart and a lot of love for the people who are his chosen family to him.


I give this: 5 stars. Provided by author for review.  Follow us at

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