My Kind of Cowboy (Wranglers of Wyoming #1)

MY KIND OF COWBOY                   R.C. RYAN

Brand Merrick is a take-charge cowboy who loves a challenge and being in the thick of the action on his family ranch. When Brand takes a fall from his horse and the town doctor orders physical therapy, he doesn't intend to rest for long. They make a compromise that the physical therapist will come stay on the ranch for six weeks so Brand can do his exercises between his duties running the ranch. But Brand wasn't expecting to be working with beautiful, tough city-girl Avery.

Avery Grant has no patience for the sexy cowboy who makes it clear therapy is a waste of his time. She won't back down, especially since she came to Wyoming for another reason... to get away from the mysterious threats she keeps receiving. But the threats have followed her to the Merrick ranch. And soon, Brand isn't feeling quite so hostile toward his new therapist... in fact, keeping her safe becomes his only priority.


The book opens with a scene that sets the tone for the story of a hard-working family and of stubborn people. You think it is only going to be Brand instead you find that others in the Merrick family are just as stubborn. This is proofed when his grandmother has requested a private physical therapist to arrive in order to care for his injured leg which of course he did not take care of. He says he is fine but throughout the day he takes breaks when he can away from his brothers especially in order to rest his injured knee, but it really does not help much he is still a grouch.
When told about the plan he is upset but the grandmother does not care what he thinks. When Avery first arrives from Michigan she is taken back by the beauty of the place and then by the sheer stink when Brand comes in from working all day and is taken back when he sees her for, they all were expecting a male therapist. What Avery does though is gets right in and works with the guys, mucking the stalls and other chores that need to be done this shows Brand she is willing to work and leads him to open up about working with her.
What I liked was that having two knee surgeries myself some of the exercises were ones that were taught to me. This story starts off slow but builds up. The characters you get to know, Billy the cook, Liz the sister her story really adds to this book, as well as the foreman Chet who did three tours in Afghanistan. Which character has a purpose and the story flows along.
When the author takes you through the person whom she was getting away from she does it in a way that you are not even expecting that person until it is too late. Which only added to the story. Overall a very good book and very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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