TO BE YOUR LAST                           RAE KENNEDY

When I decide to run away with a sexy stranger and follow his band on tour all summer, I’m running away from more than home. I’m running away from the lies I’ve been telling my family, away from expectations, away from being perfect Gracie Gallagher.

Perfect Gracie would never. But this summer I’m going to be Fun Gracie. Exciting Gracie. Gracie who takes chances and gets a little reckless.

But now I’m telling a new kind of lie: Pretending to date a broody, tattooed Rockstar. Except my feelings aren’t fake and as I start to find myself, I risk losing more than just my inhibitions and my virginity. I’m risking my heart.

This is a standalone novel in the TO BE YOURS series.


Gracie is home on the farm for her older sister’s wedding. It turns out the best man is friends with the guys in the hotties rising indie band out right now. Now they are playing here at her sister's wedding.

She wishes she could be more excited, but when her family finds out she bombed out of her first year of college. That she may lose my scholarship and she did get kicked out of her summer intensive program. They will be unhappy.

She has always felt the pressure to measure up being the youngest of five. The best student, cheerleader, and daughter. Being away from home where she was the big fish little pond, well you get it.

When she first makes some serious eye contact with the lead singer who made it feel like he was singing to her. Then, meeting the guitarist Logan who was free a free spirit. And he hears her talking about wanting to travel. He proceeds to invite her on their music tour across the United States.

So, at nineteen, to put off telling her parents she sort of runs away. She meets up with Logan, his twin Dean, and Joey. Who are all happy to have her along. The one holds out is the one she thought she had a connection with, Colin. He is in no uncertain terms saying, no. He loses this round.

This turns into summer she will never forget. Kennedy has well thought out characters, made for sheer fun. But don’t let it fool you this little book can touch in someplace that you aren’t prepared for. But she takes you through but brings the characters back around. She didn’t allow Gracie to be a victim of circumstances.

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