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Deserted on his wedding day and left to raise triplets alone, Houston Maloney leaves his heart behind at the altar. Focused on his car restoration business and his three little ones, he’s made it through the terrible twos, and tougher threes with the help of Godmother extraordinaire, Liv Cole.
When his fiancĂ©e Rain ran off with Liv’s boyfriend, Anthony, the two find themselves equally betrayed. While dealing with the aftermath, they form a strong bond.

When a fire forces the feisty, independent, Liv to seek shelter in the Maloney home, the best friends begin to see what’s right in front of them. The passion flows naturally but their progression is hindered by past scars.
Can they recover from loss and heartache to try again for love?


Houston is waiting at the front of the church for the woman he has loved more than anything. They have had a lot of pressure on them lately with having triplets and planning a wedding. Not to mention he is opening a new business but he’s doing everything in his power to make it all work.

Rain, the bride to be and mother to his children never comes to meet him at the altar. Instead, it is his crying female best friend and Rain’s maid-of-honor, Livy. With her makeup streaking her face, he knew it had to be bad. She tries to hand him a note that will change all their futures.

Now, three years have passed and the triplets are starting kindergarten. If it weren’t for his best friend, Livy, the children’s Godmother he would never have made it. She is the female role model they can look up to and feel secure with.

Until an ill-received letter reaches Houston‘s desk that he thought was gone for good. Once again, she wants to rock his world but this time the children are old enough to feel the effects.

 I give this: 5++++ stars. I found this free on Amazon

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