Wrangling the Cowboy's Heart (Rodeo Romeos #2)


His little sister’s best friend…

The moment Amanda Rodrigues placed her hand over his heart to break up a fight, rancher Liam Neisson knew he was in trouble. He may have watched Amanda grow up next door and run in and out of his house indulging in wild escapades with his sister, but at this year’s rodeo, he suddenly can no longer think of her as the dark-haired little orphan girl running wild. She’s now a stubborn brown-eyed beauty who needs his help.

Her best friend’s big brother…

Sure she’s crushed on Liam all her life, but can she trust him? Barrel racer Amanda recently inherited her parents’ small dream ranch years ago, and has learned to run it with little help, but when a letter arrives from an attorney saying his client has a promissory note now due, Amanda knows even her will and hard work ethic won’t be enough. Liam’s family offers to help, but his offer to buy her prized stallion raises her suspicions. What if Amanda is risking more than her heart?


****I received this book from Tule for an honest review****
Amanda Rodrigues is a barrel racer and is a top-notch one at that. Living next door to the Nissen family her whole life she is now the maid of honor to her best friend’s wedding which just happens to be Liam Nissen’s sister whom she grew up with. After the last competition though she receives a letter stating that someone who she had never met or known about is now calling in full payment on a note that was taken out before her parents passed. Not wanting to act in a rush she goes to Liam’s granddad who has always helped her since her parents passed on.
At the same time, Liam has seen Amanda in a whole new light. Not as the girl that was around with his little sister, but now as a woman that is catching his eye more than once throughout the day. What he does not know is that she has had feelings for him for years and has always liked the way he has filled out a pair of wranglers.
After a fire on her ranch, he ends up spending more time with her, and together they are working side by side. First, she thinks it is because of his sister, then because of a horse that he wants to buy. Soon though she realizes it is more. Will they each be able to move forward with there feelings towards the other one or will they let fear hold them back. Will she be able to find the person who is holding her ranch and life hostage? All of these questions and more are and will be answered for you when you read this wonderful story. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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