GAME ON                                           BRITNEY BELL

Contemporary sports romance author Britney Bell brings you a binge-worthy short tale featuring a Texas soccer player and a sexy book-loving Italian.

My brother’s best friend… He should be off-limits. Right?

Blaze is my brother’s best friend and teammate, playing professional soccer in Italy. One heated, passionate kiss makes me question whether it matters. When we have to spend Christmas weekend together in the romantic city of Venice, Italy, and at the most romantic time of year, can we forget that the kiss ever happened?

One-click now to find out if he’s as good as her dreams... or will he be a dud in the sack?


Gaia’s brother Luca played soccer in the USA and played for six-years. When he was on a team in Texas he was roommates with Blaze. Luca comes back home finally and Blaze gets picked up by the Milan team too. What could be better?


For Blaze? Meeting Gaia at their first home game changed him. When their eyes meet their lost. Now, Blaze has, game, but with Gaia, he wants to get to know her too. He sees she is the total package. He also knows she is his buddy’s sister too.


Walking the straight line will be tricky but Gaia wants her own line to walk. Checking online to know about Blaze proved fruitless. So, who’s Blaze? Is he a man she feels her heart says he is? This is a cute story of two hearts meeting and bonding for the first time ever for both.


They had a connection. Not sure why or how it happened it just does. But when they kiss sparks fly and they are willing to risk it all to be happy or at least try.  Found this free on Amazon. I give this: 5 stars. Follow us at

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