SWEET DREAMS                                ERIN HAVOC

A Steamy and Sweet Short Story

Allyson loves her curves and her brains and her rescued dog.
She definitely loves her job.
Even if she has to leave in the middle of her night off for an emergency.
It turns out her emergency has rippling muscles and the bluest pair of eyes she has ever seen...
If only she hadn't ruled out love.

Warning: This story has been previously published as a freebie for mailing list subscribers


Allyson swears off men. That’s right all men. Being a vet at an emergency pet hospital for dogs things happen at odd hours. Guys tend to want to dictate how Ally is to abandon doggie parents when they are in need. Many of the boyfriends of her past felt their needs should have had top priority. Hence, no male in her life.

On her day off she gets a call to go into work a dog had been run over. Turns out the actual person who ran over the pup is Alec a firefighter. His alone had Ally wanting to change her stance on no men.

The dog would be fine, but the other situation of her pitiful life, still the same. No matter how gorgeous Alec is, with his voice that could melt off your clothes. That is until the next day Ally decides to try the new dog-friendly restaurant.

There was a long line to get in. Just about the time she starts to worry about being alone to eat. There’s a tap on her shoulder, Alec is there to have dinner, with her now.

A cute story overall. But for me no huge excitement. Very predictable. But still cute. Found on Amazon for free. I give this: 4 stars.

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