LANDON                                            KARI HART


Darci and her sister Kimmie are at a hotel for an illustrators conference. She is supposed to be there with her ex-boyfriend, now, for the weekend but that didn’t work out so well.


It was only, a couple of days before she was set to leave, she finds him in bed, her, bed with their Pilates teacher and neighbor. He couldn’t wait a couple of days to cheat, no he waits to ruin her weekend how special. I think he wanted to get caught.


So, Kimmie being a great sister that she is, took his place. Hence, why she is forcing her to get out of bed to shower. So, that they can go crash a bachelor party. It turns out it’s, Landon’s buddies bachelor party. But once he sees Darci all bets are off.


For thirty-five-years he has been single. Done seventeen years in the Army and is on his way to his last duty station. They agree on one night together.


No questions asked but this Twenty-three-year old who made the rules prays he lands at her military base back home. But all they have is tonight. But in both their heads the words-MINE-are there.


This is a fast read along with being an insta-love story. Sexy cute too. It is a BBW and you will enjoy it. I got this free on Amazon. I give this: 4 stars.  Follow us at

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