SECRET SECURITY                           ARABELLA STEEDLY

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Oh, my God, not another weird text…

I get loads of random messages from my admirers. But this one is strange — bizarre!

When suddenly a guy tries to molest me on the way home from the studio, a hunky stranger comes to my rescue. Now, I want to repay this sexy ex-SEAL for his kindness and hire him as my bodyguard. No misunderstandings, our arrangement should be a professional one.

But can I keep my eyes off him, and stick strictly to business?


Blair is a newscaster she is feeling good and living her best life. Lately, though she starts getting these odd short and poorly written texts. From a number, she doesn’t know. She assumes they are not for her.


On this day, the text she receives is bone-chilling because it is describing the dress she is wearing. Yet, when she stops to look around at her surroundings no one looks menacing. Or seems to be standing out as someone that would hurt her.


When she turns back around to go into the building she works in, a man who had been further back when she had looked around. Is now, in front of her putting his hand around her waist and another on her mouth. Pulling her into the alley. Just when she thinks that her struggles are a lost cause.


Feeling she will lose the fight for her life to this man she doesn't even know. A dark angel comes to her rescue. She comes to find out later his name is, Trey and he is a very tall, dark, and sexy man.  Surrounded by mystery yet, she wants to hire him as her bodyguard. He does more than just guard her body. And it has never felt better.


This is a sexually charged yet, touching and can at times be an emotional piece of work that shows Trey dealing with things he went through while serving in the military. I give this: 4 stars. Found free on Amazon.

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