MONEY HUNGRY                             SLOANE WEST

True love never buys.

Or does it?


When Amy Parrish is forced to confront her ex-fiancĂ© and their past—a past she’s spent the last six years burying—she marches into battle with her heart in chains. She’d rather chew glass than see his gorgeous, traitorous face again, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, she’s grown now. Stronger now. She’s moved on. She’s over him.

At least, that’s what she tells herself.


When an opportunity arises for Wayne Colby to help the stubborn and misguided love of his life out of a financial bind, he seizes it, determined once and for all to set her straight. And curved. And horizontal.

Any way he can set her.

Only she isn’t convinced the money she so desperately needs is worth potentially breaking her already-broken heart again. Is she money hungry enough to take the chance?


A second chance romance that ended six-years ago. When Amy had come to his house early from work and sees him undressing, her than a best friend on the couch. While looking through the window once he removes her friend's top, she hugged him.

That’s all it took to freeze him out of her life. He’s still running his animal hospital and until today when her junky sister tricked him back into her life again, she could have lived the rest of her life never seeing him ever. But the last fifty dollars she had the sister used to get the meds for the dog, she needs back.

Amy is working two jobs to put herself through college to be a paralegal. Criminal justice degrees are not cheap, not to mention a roof over their heads and food. This betrayal by her sister broke the camel’s back and she said she wanted her sister gone when she got back. Going to get her money back will stir up the past but she needs the money more than the memories.

I don’t know him being the caring boyfriend from of the past, is he really? He could have explained the truth first before having her preforming the act, yeah but he did not. For me, he went too. Making it all move too fast in that regard all appear to fast too far. She took him back too easily.

Otherwise, it could be possible, if you worked out the timeline to meet to resolve, but to forgive that quickly? Not sure. I give this: 3 stars. Free on Amazon.

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