Rad-Reader:  What made you want to tell this story?




Kimberly: Erin first showed up in Courting Trouble, and she was in a bad way.  Her fiancé had dumped her, and she was ugly crying and eating ice cream.  Worst of all, he told her that he was bored with their relationship.  I couldn’t leave Erin like that.  I wanted to see her climb out of that hole and take control of her future – because that was the opposite of boring.






Rad-Reader:  How did you go about creating Erin and Colton’s characters?




Kimberly: I already had Erin.  She was sweet, conscientious, and determined, yet she’d been sheltered her whole life.  I wanted to pair her with a hero who would shake up her world a little bit, but not be too dangerous.  He needed to be protective and someone she trusted.  Her big brother’s best friend fit the bill perfectly—but then I had to figure out Colton’s back story.  Why would he stay away from her for so long, only to give in to his feelings now?  I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say I built up his back story with that in mind.






Rad-Reader:  What is the age difference between the two of them?




Kimberly: Four years or so.






Rad-Reader:  No one explains the service to Erin when she starts to protect her why is that?




Kimberly: It’s really more to protect Luxxor.  The company is a very high-end escort service. They cater to the rich and powerful, and the only way they can do that in DC is to be discreet.  They don’t advertise, and they don’t talk about what they do.  When Erin finds out, it’s better if she thinks it’s a matchmaking service than an escort service. It will stop the inevitable questions.  Frankly, it’s to keep Erin from blabbing.






Rad-Reader:  How did she find out about Luxxor?




Kimberly: Her roommate, Sienna, drops her purse, and Erin finds her business card.  When she asks what line of work Luxxor is in, Sienna’s boyfriend, Jason, calls it a matchmaking service.  That gets Erin’s mind working.






Rad-Reader:  Jason seems to think that Erin is sexy. So, why hasn’t he introduced her to any of his friends?




Kimberly: Jason is an ex-hockey player turned defense contractor.  He probably thinks his friends are too rough-and-tumble for Erin.  Jason’s particularly protective of Erin because he met her on the day she was dumped.






Rad-Reader:  On the night Colt and Erin meet again was she shocked or kind of more afraid of the sexy edge he was carrying?




Kimberly: Excited, mostly, but probably more afraid.  Not because he’s powerful or intimidating, but because her ex-fiancé did a number on her self-confidence.  She’s afraid she might not be woman enough for Colton… or maybe that she truly is “boring.”






Rad-Reader:  What were Colt’s thoughts? Do you think he thought when he saw Erin walk into Nina’s office?




Kimberly: Holy. Sh*t.






Rad-Reader:  Did Colt have a thing for Erin back in the day when they were growing up?




Kimberly: Oh, yeah.  Huge thing.  Wait, that sounds…  Well, yes, that way… Ahem.  Yes, he liked her a lot.






Rad-Reader:  Colt seemed surprised she didn’t move back home after her breakup. Why?




Kimberly: I don’t think Erin’s ever given anyone reason to think she could be bold or independent.  She had grand plans to be an interior designer, but she let that fizzle out.  She lets other people take care of her.  He’s surprised that she seems to have started taking care of herself and in some surprising ways.





Rad-Reader:  What does Erin’s brother do for a living?




Kimberly: Architect 






Rad-Reader:  Does Colt still keep in contact with her brother and hang out with him?




Kimberly: Yes, they’re still best friends, although their lives have gotten a lot busier.  They play on the same basketball team in a city league.






Rad-Reader:  Why is it taking Colt so long to figure out you can’t order Erin around?




Kimberly: Ha.  Life has taught Colton to compartmentalize.  He’s put Erin in a certain category, just like he’s put his job in another, and his past in one that’s way far away.  Erin just won’t stay where he’s mentally put her.  She messes up his strict, orderly life, and it’s a good thing she does, because he never would have made the first move.






Rad-Reader:  Didn’t Colt already let the cart out the shoot with the whole spanking? When he is using his lawyer skills to figure out what she knows about Luxxor?




Kimberly: Yes, he has, but they both have other things on their minds right then.  😊  I think Erin has always sensed that Colt liked her, but he’s always kept his distance.  Always held back.  This time, though, his feelings for her show through.  It lights the fire in her that she needs to get on with her life… and in many different ways.






Rad-Reader:  What makes him think he would be the rebound guy? Especially after talking to Jason.




Kimberly: She was with Marty for years, and she was going to marry him.  Colton has just met Jason, and Jason hasn’t known Erin for long.  Colt has to assume there were strong feelings between Erin and her ex.  Logically, he’d be the rebound guy.






Rad-Reader:  Is Erin’s mom trying to pair up Erin and Colt? She brought up how Colt had stayed away during Erin’s engagement with her ex.




Kimberly: Maybe?  I just took Marilyn as being totally clueless.  She thinks of Colton like a son, so it doesn’t click that Erin might think of him in a way that’s not so familiar.  






Rad-Reader:  Did Jason know that the charity escort was harmless and he was just trying to put the fire under Colt?




Kimberly: Jason is a troublemaker.  His character just cracks me up.  Love him.






Rad-Reader:  With the way, Colt looked at her at Thanksgiving and then Marilyn showing up at Erin’s home with the ornaments. Don’t you think she is putting two and two together?




Kimberly: Nope.  I still think of her as one of those clueless moms in an ‘80s movie.  Like Adventures in Babysitting where the parents come home at the end of the movie and have no clue what’s been going on with their kids all night.






Rad-Reader:  She’s upset and hurt that Colt is hiding their relationship but she keeps on with it.  Why?




Kimberly: She’d rather sneak around with him than not have an intimate relationship with him.  At first, she finds it sexy and thrilling that they have this secret.  But it’s also a growth time for her.  Eventually, she wants more.  She wants their relationship out in the open because then it will be real.






Rad-Reader:  Doesn’t Erin realize that she is working way too hard and giving a whole lot of herself away for a man who wants to use her yet hide her away?  She is worth more.




Kimberly: I totally agree.  I have to confess, Erin’s character drove me nuts.  I write strong heroines.  Kick-ass heroines like Nina, the owner of Luxxor Limited.  I wanted Erin to pick herself up, get a job, and take hold of her life, but I couldn’t get her to do that—because that wasn’t her story.  Her story was about how she lifted herself up after a harsh blow to her confidence.  It’s about her figuring out who she is and what she wants.  It’s about her being brave enough to go for what she wants in her career, her relationships, and even her hobbies.  She sets her sights on Colt, because he’s the one she’s always wanted… but she’s not going back to sweet, timid Erin anymore.  He has to accept her for the woman she’s become, or she will walk away. 






Rad-Reader:  If your book were to be made into a movie who would you like to play…



Erin: Sabrina Carpenter


Colton: Jimmy Garoppolo


Sienna: Virginia Gardner


Jason: Erik Gudbradson


Dustin: Mike Vogel (His younger self)


Nina: Reese Witherspoon




Kimberly: You did a great job, especially with Erin and Dustin.  I’m not sure who I’d pick as actors, but I can share some pictures I used as inspiration.





Erin and Colton: 





I could see Erik Gudbradson, especially in this shot.


Or, wrong sport, but maybe Travis Kelce https://www.pinterest.com/pin/225391156331686456/



Agree!  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/476255729327672833/







Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describe your characters, maybe a situation about them, or your book as a whole?



“Lightning in a Bottle – Carly Pearce”


Even after years of being friends to be paired up by a professional Colton was not happy.  Yet, after their limo ride the both realize they did catch something special. Now what?






“Not Good at Not – Morgan Wallen”


Erin is frustrated because he made a promise to her family years ago and now, he wants to hide them and she’s not down with that.






“What Could Have Been – Gone West”


There was a defining moment after a few months of great. Erin loves Colt but that very moment she loves herself more. Services no longer needed, written in stone.



“Second Guessing – Florida Georgia Line”


Once getting that frightening call from Dustin. He knew for sure what he lost and for sure what he wanted. No more second-guessing himself.






“Rather Be With You – Sinead Harnett”


No matter what the flame never died. Since she was in her teens she knew. It would always be him. Walking away didn’t work. When he shows when they needed him most of all she knew she’d take him friendship too if that is all she got.










Kimberly: Nice choices!  I can’t do better than that, but there’s one song that sums up the story pretty well.


“Secret Rendezvous – Karen White”



And I did have one song in mind when Colton visits Erin’s pole dancing class.


“Gorilla – Bruno Mars”



Some writers have music playing in the background, but I can’t do that.  I’ll start typing lyrics!





Rad-Reader:  If you could be a superhero which one would you pick and why?  Or would you be a rebel and create a new what if so, what would that look like and what would be your superpower be?




Kimberly: I actually wrote a superhero erotic romance.  It’s called Blade of Moonlight.  The hot villain (love interest) is called Scythe.  His name matches the weapon he carries.  The heroine is Luminescence, and she can harness the power of the moon and illuminate the darkness.

As for me, I already have the power of invisibility.  Old ladies run their grocery carts right into me and don’t apologize.  






Rad-Reader:  The world has been put on pause during this pandemic what interesting things have you done to keep yourself occupied?




Kimberly: I got my house painted.  The painters were good about social distancing.  The hard part was when they covered the windows to protect them.  Wow, did that get claustrophobic fast?  Isolating is hard enough.  Try doing it without being able to even see outside.






Rad-Reader:  What genre music is your favorite?




Kimberly: :  I’m a rocker.  I like something with a driving beat that still has a melody.






Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite reading genre?




Kimberly: I like romantic suspense and thrillers.






Rad-Reader:  What other genres would you like to try your hand at?




Kimberly: Someday I would like to try to write a thriller or a mystery.






Rad-Reader:  Any other writers in your family that you got your talent from? Or are you the start of the trend?




Kimberly: My grandmother wrote some poetry.  I think I’m the first to write stories.





Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?




Kimberly: I’ve decided to go back to an older series and write another book.  It’s my Dream Weaver series, which is paranormal romance.  It’s about the Oneiroi, Greek gods of dreams, and how they’ve evolved to be part of the human world.  I’ve done a lot of research into sleeping and dreaming.

I’m not sure when it will be coming out, because the storyline and I have been having a big tussle.  I think I might have the right direction now, so hopefully, the writing will come a little easier.






Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books? Links




Kimberly: My Amazon author page can be found here: 


My books can also be found on Apple Books, Barnes, and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and Smashwords.  Instead of giving all those links, go to my website at:


The links to my books for all retailers are there.




Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web? Links




Kimberly: Amazon Author Page















(but I rarely go out there anymore because it’s so toxic)




Thank you so much for being with us and for your quick turn around with getting us all your info back. As far as, all the material needed to make the promos and interview happen. Thanks also for answering all my fangirl questions.

I loved how Erin pulled herself out of the tailspin, after her ex. But also, her growth and strength she gains with her unusual mentor, but a good one for her. It helps her to do what she needs to get her man and yet be kind to herself and do what was right for her life.



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