Out of Time

OUT OF TIME                                               DAVID KLASS

A massive FBI manhunt is underway for an elusive and terrifyingly adept serial bomber. He's just struck his sixth target, Idaho's Boon Dam, killing a dozen innocent people. But the bomber, who the press has dubbed "Green Man," insists these drastic acts of violence--each one carefully selected to destroy a target that threatens the environment--are necessary to draw the world's attention to the climate-change emergency.

The FBI has no real leads. It's as if Green Man can predict every step of their investigation, skillfully evading all their standard tactics.

Until young agent, Tom Smith approaches the task-force leader with an unexpected insight. Tom, a computer programmer by training, maybe the only person with the unique skillset needed to catch Green Man before he strikes again...


This story follows two people really. The first is the environmentalist terrorist named “Green Man”. The book opens with you the reader being at his next target a Dam. You will find out later who the person is and the person's back story which the author does a good job in bringing that part of his life altogether, which has a few surprises for you the reader.
You are then taken to the next person that you will be following which is a young FBI agent Tom Smith and yes that is his real name. he is following in the family’s business of catching bad guys, his words. He is at a bar speaking with his father and you are shown their relationship which is not a good one and has never been. With the degrees he has and from the schools, he graduated from he should be working for a tech company in the Silicone Valley, not the FBI.
Next, you find that he is at the task force and is sure that his father called in a favor the one thing he asked him not to do. At the meeting, though he can not keep his mouth shut and tells the director that their profile of the “Green Man” is wrong and then backs it up. You will find out through this story just who much that character has to be pushed to finally get his true thoughts to be express.
You find out that the “Green Man” is working off a clock in Switzerland as to when the World will be killed environmentally, there will be no turning back form it at that point. This adds to the level of suspense in where and when the next target will be.
What you have is an excellent book with suspense very good characters all of them. A look politically at the way government wants to handle n investigation and if a mistake is made someone has to fall on the sword even if that is not the person who made the mistake. You also have the environmental issues which everyone wants to debate but it still makes you think about the destruction of the rain forests and all of the insects. Overall a well thought out book that will keep you going from the first page to the last. A very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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