TRUTH AND PRETENSE                       ROGERS LISA                         
Truth and Pretenses – Cowboy Romance

Lucy and Will became step-siblings when their parents married each other years ago. Despite living under the same roof, they never had the bond that normal brothers and sisters have. Lucy grows up and becomes the town’s school teacher while Will becomes a cowboy on a ranch. Their paths should never cross but one fateful night

Lucy finds Will standing outside her door and everything changes. For the first time in her life, Lucy is seeing Will as someone other than her step-brother and it terrifies her and exhilarates her at the same time. When danger seems to be following Will, can Lucy walk away and keep herself on the straight and narrow? Or will her love for Will throw her into something more than she can handle? Sometimes desperate situations show a person’s true colors and Lucy will have no choice but to rise and meet her faith or lose everything that she holds dear.

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WARNING: The book contains mature content and language intended for adult readers only!


In the old west things were hard sometimes marriages were out of convenience.  As it was for Lucy’s father with two young daughters and Will’s mom with three young sons. The eldest sibling just co-existed on the ranch.


Lucy went into town to live and teach basically being dubbed an old maid, and Will had gone off to be a cowboy wherever he could. Now, you need to remember in order to be a teacher then you had to be pure as snow. As Lucy is until she gets reacquainted with Will.


It’s late and he show’s up at her boarding house in her room… Both of them say things that night they never would have said under normal circumstances but Will was delirious from a wound. Doing things that for sure never would have happened if not feverish.


This is a sweet short with a little bit of everything. Have to say was not something I was expecting for sure. The time period, the events, or the excitement we not expected. I give this: 4 stars. Found this on Amazon.

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