Living in a small town was never part of my plan. I was born to live in a big city and take over the publishing world. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. When my mother told me I was fat and needed to lose weight, I proclaimed that I was perfect just the way I am. I set my sights on the top magazine in New York which was run by men high on testosterone and low on sense. After introducing my knee to the nuts of a man who didn’t know how to respect women, I found myself without a job, licking my wounds in a small town and plotting my next move.

That’s when I met him, Dane Toro, a man so hot and gorgeous he came with a warning label. I was told to stay away from him, that he had a dark past, and couldn’t be trusted. The problem was I’d had a lifetime of doing what people told me not to do. Why would I make an exception for the sexiest man I’d ever seen?


Perhaps a small town wasn’t the best place to hide from my past. When family obligations demanded I stay on Pretty Molly Bay, there were times when I thought I’d lose my mind. Then this sweet curvy distraction walked into my business with the same mistrust in her beautiful eyes as half the town. I was willing to plead my case to her. I soon learned that I would do anything for Camille and that mouth of hers.


A BBW about a strong woman that her whole like has been told things about her weight as a negative. She made it a positive instead. If you tell her she can’t and she will. Camille even left California for Georgetown University and armed herself with a master’s in journalism.

All so she could get moving on her dream job. To strike out towards one day to have a similar magazine geared toward women. Because the one she got at Mogul is male-dominated. Her boss never really given her a chance to prove herself. Even with the major rewrites, the men got the bylines on any of the featured articles. Yet, fired do to harassment, by rich owner relatives.

Camille is having to go back home to, NY which is expensive. Just thinking about home brought back thoughts of how she was never good enough for her thin mom. She remembers her mom putting her on a diet at the age of seven. Hence her strong will to do things on her own. Not being able to make it due to her ex-boss’ threats burns deep.

Yet, in a blink of an eye, one phone call changes the course of her day and life. Her grandma after death is still looking out for her. Only to find out she needs to play hardball with the nephew of the man who had been taking money to care for the home (supposedly) of her summer cottage. She was tired of men getting away with bad behavior.

Only Dane was willing to make good on his uncle’s mistakes. Making all repairs at no charge. She did not see that coming. There is an instant passion that burns between them both.

An interesting mix of the alpha female and male blending. And finding a little more adventure than they bargained for. Fast and far fetched for it to be real but for a short a lot of fun. I give this: 4 stars.

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