Make Mine a Cowboy (Meadow Valley #2)

 MAKE MINE A COWBOY                         A.J. PINE

Dr. Charlotte North has no time for a player, not even one as tempting as Ben Callahan. Besides, Charlotte is only in Meadow Valley for a few months to help her grandmother. After that, it's back to New York and the career she loves. But when her gram starts to meddle in her personal life, Charlotte knows just the man to help her out. Ben's the perfect no-strings boyfriend, until Charlotte discovers that beneath that rugged, charming exterior lies a sweet and bighearted cowboy.

Ben Callahan is tired of people assuming he's an immature playboy, so when the smart and sexy Charlotte asks him to be her pretend boyfriend, he jumps at the chance to show everyone that he's changed his ways. Though he and Charlotte are calling their relationship fake, Ben's heart says otherwise. Two months with Charlotte isn't nearly enough. Will Ben be able to prove he's worthy of her for real before their time together is up, or will she leave Meadow Valley---and him---forever?


Your back at Meadow Valley for the second book in the series. Dr. Charlotte North has been visiting her grandmother while there and also seeing Ben Callahan. Now that she is leaving to go back to New York neither one says what they really want to tell the other one.
Ben sad to see her leave has then received news along with his brother that changes things for him. This goes along with his father’s illness from the previous book. He is now looking at life differently. Also, during this time Charlotte receives a call from her cousin the fire LT. saying their grandmother fell from the ladder and has broken her wrist and ankle. Charlotte feels a need to go back out to Meadow Valley to help her.
She was not expecting her grandmother to try to fix her up with every single man in town though. So, she reaches out to Ben for him to be her fake date and then fake boyfriend, he though does not want to be fake anymore and explains to her why. She has always wanted to be a doctor and wants to be in New York besides she signed a contract. Her is a story of romance, loss love of a family member which is handled well from the grieving side having lost some myself. And really what two people would talk about when making a decision about being together. The ending and epilogue for me really send it over the top and it reminded me of the movie “For the Love of the Game” that ending or part of it anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all of the characters, a very good read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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