Once in a Blue Moon (Blessings, Georgia #10)

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON                          SHARON SALA

Rancher Duke Talbot meets Cathy Terry in Blessings by chance. She's new to town, and so grateful to be there—Blessings feels like a safe haven. Cathy is at first hesitant to let anyone get too close, but as their relationship grows and Cathy sees Duke's feelings for her are real, she tells him what really brought her to town—an abusive ex-husband who isn't willing to let her go. When her past starts to catch up with her, she's tempted to keep running, but she's fallen in love with Blessings and with Duke. Having finally found a place to call home, the only place Cathy wants to run is straight into Duke's arms.


Back to Blessings Georgia with all of the characters from the other books. This one opens in Los Vegas with Cathy getting divorced from her husband and then when she finds he is having her followed. She decides to leave from Vegas when he is out of town. She grew up living off the grid in Alaska so it was not difficult to fall back into that lifestyle.
Hiking part of the U.S. from Colorado she finds Blessings and decides to rent a house for the winter. She has also taken to running, jogging which is new for the people she passes by every day but after a while they fall into step like it is normal, the redhead woman running through the streets just before the stores open.
Rancher Duke Talbot comes in town to get supplies and is surprised anyone is running in Blessings unless they are on the track team for high school. Watching he sees her trip and fall. Going to her aid he sees her ankle is already swollen and before she can say anything, he has her up in his arms and in his truck taking her to ER. You guessed it theses are the two people who are to be together, but it is the way the author weaves the story between her being leery and cassis of people and wondering if her ex has found out if she has left Vegas and has started looking for her.
Also, going on is two brothers that are selling other people’s cattle, yes cattle rustlers and though they know it is wrong, falling on tough times has made look past the way they were raised. You also have a young boy who was running away from school because he was held back because his mother kept him home more days to help with his siblings than have him go to school, and when he finds out she is pregnant again he knows he will not be able to go back to school. All of these are handled excellently in the story along with when her ex does send someone looking for her. I really enjoyed every part of this story and how she made Cathy’s character a strong woman, which is something my wife and I have worked on with our daughters. An excellent story with good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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