American Battles & Campaigns: A Chronicle from 1622-2010


Raids and sieges; trench warfare and air campaigns; guerrilla warfare, naval engagements, and colonial wars—American Battles & Campaigns covers every major campaign and battle fought in North America or by United States’ forces overseas, from the Pequot War of 1634 to the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Arranged chronologically, American Battles & Campaigns: A Chronicle, from 1622-Present, includes hundreds of entries, ranging from the 1770 Boston Massacre through the Alamo (1836) and the Philippine-American War (1899–1902), to Chateau-Thierry (1918), Midway (1942) and Hue (1969). Major battles, such as Yorktown, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and D-Day, are illustrated with full-color annotated 3-dimensional maps and detailed text explaining the course of the engagement. Stuffed with black and white and color photographs, battle maps, paintings, and other artwork, American Battles & Campaigns contains expert accounts and analysis from thirty leading military historians.


I think that this book is for any history buff or anyone who has grown up in a military family, which I check both those boxes.
Here is a book that goes into every battle fought either on American soil or on foreign land or in the sea. The first battles begin before the French Indian war. When you get to the French Indian war you begin to see some of the same names of places that are famous from the Revolutionary War. Such as Fort Ticonderoga, some of the men fighting at the Siege of Fort Loudon in the Tennessee Valley would also be an important role in the Revolution.
You then get a look at every battle from the Revolution from the ones you knew to the ones you have never heard about. The author describes what took place. It is like that throughout this book whether it is the Civil War and the battles you never heard about, or World War One or World War Two. You also get a look and President Jefferson sending the Marines to Tripoli and what took place. The U.S. going to the Dominic Republic in 65, and then a look at every battle fought in Vietnam to then Grenada, Honduras, Panama, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq.
I found this book to have a lot of information. To be well researched and would be truly worth adding to anyone’s library on the history of military battles. Overall a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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