All Secure: A Delta Force Operator's Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefront

 ALL SECURE                                              TOM SATTERLY

As a senior non-commissioned officer of Delta Force, the most elite and secretive special operations unit in the U.S. military, Command Sergeant Major Tom Satterly fought some of this country's most fearsome enemies. Over the course of twenty years and thousands of missions, he's fought desperately for his life, rescued hostages, killed and captured terrorist leaders, and seen his friends maimed and killed around him.

All Secure is in part Tom's journey into a world so dark and dangerous that most Americans can't contemplate its existence. It recounts what it is like to be on the front lines with one of America's most highly trained warriors. As action-packed as any fiction thriller, All Secure is an insider's view of "The Unit."

Tom is a legend even among other Tier One special operators. Yet the enemy that cost him three marriages, and ruined his health physically and psychologically, existed in his brain. It nearly led him to kill himself in 2014; but for the lifeline thrown to him by an extraordinary woman it might have ended there. Instead, they took on Satterly's most important mission-saving the lives of his brothers and sisters in arms who are killing themselves at a rate of more than twenty a day.

Told through Satterly's firsthand experiences, it also weaves in the reasons-the bloodshed, the deaths, the intense moments of sheer terror, the survivor's guilt, depression, and substance abuse-for his career-long battle against the most insidious enemy of all: Post Traumatic Stress. With the help of his wife, he learned that by admitting his weaknesses and faults he sets an example for other combat veterans struggling to come home.


An excellent book about a Delta operator and some of the missions he was part of. He also took you the reader through some of the training and some of what each one goes through to just to make it. The consent training that each operator does so when they are on a mission it is more muscle memory. He also takes you through the battle of Mogadishu better known now as “Black Hawk Down”. I found his take on things very different than some of the other stories that I have read. Very honest about everything including him slipping and falling down in the street. It was here and after that, you get the real sense of the man, that he is just that a man trained to do a job and does it. He also at times has a slip up like everyone, yet gets up and continues. In the past other books, I felt that the person looked at themselves as they could do no wrong, here he is honest about everything.
He takes you through his other assignments up to and including past 9\11. How when he is promoted and is in charge of training and other responsibilities, he takes those on still leading his own unit. He is also honest with his life after he gets out and when he meets he knew wife Jen. How their or his struggles at first could be their downfall yet he works through and together he and Jen form a new organization to help Vets. That is truly amazing. The work that they do together. I liked this book very much. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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