Babysitting for the Billionaire


Avery is in desperate need of a good-paying job. When she goes to work for the billionaire, Benjamin Savage, as his daughter's nanny, she is thrilled.

Things start to heat up between them. Will she give in to her feelings or continue to struggle on her own?


Avery is in desperate need of a great paying job. With college payments & hospital bills to pay due to her mom having chemotherapy treatments. So, when she scores the job nobody wants with notorious womanizer Ben the billionaire nanny chaser she knows she is the right girl. Not only is she not looking, but she also is not his type because she is a plain Jane, not to mention when he knows her secret that she’s a poor virgin he will run. She felt confident.

Little did she know that not dressing for him was giving her a positive point on his interest meter. The plain Jane, not makeup & hair done another point. Not showing interest in him another point. The genuine interest in his daughter's two plus points. Her in general needing a knight in shining armor off the charts. She had no idea she was in his scope so if she ever revealed her secret it would be over.

Hence where the problem comes in the steps in it speaking after knowing. LOL! Enjoyed the characters Edna and Massy helped it along beautifully. Received during July & Aug. book giveaway.

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