A Sip of Serendipity (Passion Projects Series Book 1)

 A SIP OF SERENDIPITY                                   OLIVIA QUINT

Hot coffee isn’t the only thing brewing around here…

An indebted coffee shop owner struggling to make ends meet and a top realtor with the whole state in his pocket find insta-love amidst the bustling backdrop of New York City.



I like calling myself “an independent coffee shop owner who treats her customers like family”. My friends all say I’m smart and resourceful, but actually turning this into a profitable venture is fast becoming a never-ending struggle.

I really wish my best friend and business partner would focus more on helping me solve our financial issues rather than finding me that elusive “Mr. Right”…


Let’s see: I’m a successful businessman, born with a nose for lucrative opportunities. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be the single best realtor in this Big Ol’ Apple. Everyone has a price – you just have to know how to find it.

That had always been my motto, at least until the day she entered my life. After that, my whole world came crashing down faster than the real-estate market…


Passion Projects is a series of standalone short stories full of insta-love, tastefully explicit encounters, and satisfying happily-ever-afters. Start reading them all today if you love strong alpha gentlemen and curvy independent women seeking a lasting sweet & steamy romance. No cheating, nor cliffhangers!


Evelyn and her friend from a college open a coffee shop with pastries. However, now their loan is now coming due and they are not going to be able to pay it if they can’t find a solution. As much as she rather be at home trying to figure that out Em has talked her into going for a few drinks saying they work all the time one night won’t kill her. Em has always been the free spirit of the two.

While there Em goes to chat up one of two guys at the bar leaving Eve to her martini hopefully not forgetting that she will be leaving when the timer goes off on her phone. When Eve looks up again the guy with the one Em is chatting with is staring at her and now on his way over. After asking to sit. some flirting with her he finally says he is Joseph. Just ask her a few questions and her alarm goes off. She stands saying it’s been nice meeting him but she has an appointment. Not giving her name, Em following close behind.

The next day Joseph needs to go assess a property in case an owner can’t follow through with their loan. He goes to this quaint coffee shop full of people asking to see the manager. When Eve comes out and they both see each other their now having their official meet cut. Because their jaws drop, they point, and say oh it’s you! They talk business and then talk about them and she shares her coffee and pastry with him. This is where her inner beauty shines through to match her outer beauty.

This is such a great summertime read these characters are funny and feel each other’s pains and joys. How her and help her worker is so sweet and the way she feels about her customers too. I give this: 5 stars. Received this during the July book giveaway.

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